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Make warmer clothing from Rabbit / Squirrel furs.

Permissions and credits
V 1.3.31 for Build 31
1.2.31 Available for those not on IWBUMS.

Now with custom icons by WolfeClaw!

Want to stay a bit warmer during those cold winter nights, but sweaters and pants aren't warm enough? Put those trapping skills to use and make some warmer clothing!

This mod adds new recipes for skinning Rabbits and Squirrels (as well as Rats and Mice for Expert Trappers) that give Fur alongside the meat you would normally get, and recipes to use that fur, a needle, and some thread to make Fur Coats and Fur Pants.

The old skinning recipe for squirrels and rabbits (Cut Animal) is still available, but you shouldn't use it if you want to get fur as well as meat. Instead, use the new recipes (Skin Rabbit / Squirrel / Rat / Mouse). You still get the same meat with -hunger adjusted by the same formula, the same Cooking xp, as well as multiple furs depending on the type of animal and your Trapping skill.

As of now, fur clothing looks exactly the same as Sweaters and Pants. The color of the clothes you get is completely random, there is no method that I know of to choose a color of clothing without editing / making new art assets, which I am not capable of. If you know how to do this, please contact me!

Last, I'm well aware that you cannot freeze to death as of the current build, and that being extremely cold has a very minimal effect (according to the wiki, a penalty to your situational awareness). I made this as an immersion mod, because I didn't like that I was still getting very cold while sleeping even with the warmest clothing, and I wanted to add a little more value to the Trapping skill.

--- Install ---

1- Extract the rar to your mods folder (shown in-game in the Mods menu)
2- Enable "Fur Clothes" in the Mods menu
3- Show off your fancy new duds!

--- Recipes ---

Skin Animal (Basic, Expert, Master)
Requires: Kitchen / Hunting Knife
Recieve: Meat + Fur
Skinning Results by Trapping level
0 (untrained): Cut Animal (vanilla) recipes only
1: Rabbit (Basic) Fur x2
2: Squirrel (Basic) Fur x1
3: Nothing :(
4: Rabbit (Expert) Fur x3
5: Squirrel (Expert) Fur x2
6: Rat (Expert) Fur x1
7: Rabbit (Master) Fur x4
8: Squirrel (Master) Fur x3
9: Rat (Master) Fur x2
10: Mouse (Master) Fur x1

Fur Coat (Temperature 26)
-Fur x26
-Thread 80% of a spool (8 uses)

Fur Pants (Temperature 18)
-Fur x18
-Thread 60% of a spool (6 uses)

Fur Bundle
-Fur x20

Unbundle Furs x20
-Fur Bundle

Recipes will not display unless you have ALL the items in your inventory.
Recipes display in-game as needing multiple threads. This is the number of USES, not the number of spools needed. Thread = 10 uses. Each item of clothing in this mod can be made with just one full spool of thread.Recipes cannot be removed as Trapping levels get higher, so make sure you use the best skinning recipe available

--- Known Issues ---

Sometimes the recipes will not be visible if you have EXACTLY enough thread left. Any help with a fix would be appreciated!
I'm aware that Fur Clothes cannot be ripped into Ripped Sheets. This is an intentional disadvantage to offset the additional warmth, and it doesn't make much sense to me to use a dirty animal skin as a bandage.

Have fun, and PLEASE post here if you have any questions, comments, or bug reports! Thanks!