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A continuation of OrMntMan's legendary Real Guns Mod. Adds over 100 new guns and realistic firearm mechanics. Over 40 easy to configure settings for tweaking behavior, balance and spawns. Translations available in EN, RU, CH and CN.

Permissions and credits
ORGM Rechambered is a continuation of OrMntMans Real Guns Mod for Project Zomboid. Adding over 100 real world firearms, and completely redoes the firearm mechanics with a focus on realism.

Currently for Project Zomboid 40.43 stable and previous versions only (no support for build 41.* beta yet)

Easy to Configure:
A new tab in PZ's options screen adds tons of settings for complete  control. Change spawn rates for different building or item types, or  tweak the damage firearms do. Options for rate of fire, accuracy and critical chances and more.

Upload your configuration file to your dedicated server, and your settings will be transmitted to all clients on connecting.
Ideal for servers that require a custom setup.

Advanced Reloading:
Different bullet types per caliber such as full metal jackets and hollow points, buckshot and slugs. These vary in stats like damage and  penetration and ammo can be freely mixed when loading.

Randomly fill that shotgun with a mix of buckshot and slugs, and when  you shoot they fire in a LIFO order (last in, first out).

Load that .357 revolver with a mix of .357 Magnum and .38 special and  you'll notice the difference when those less powerful .38's fire from  the chamber.

Advanced Mechanics:
Firearms spawn in various barrel lengths offered by the manufacturer.  Length has a effect on the weapons weight, recoil, damage, and range and the time it takes to aim. This works on a 'diminishing returns'  concept. The damage difference from using a 6 inch vs a 10 inch is less  the the difference between a 2 inch and a 6 inch.

As well as barrel length and caliber effecting the stats, the weight  effects aiming time and recoil, and the feed system has minor effect on  damage, range and recoil.  When using a automatic (instead of a bolt), some pressure is absorbed to cycle the action resulting in a minor drop in range and damage, as well as recoil.

Even the different types of automatic feed systems have minor subtle differences.

Rebindable Hotkeys:
Quickly press the 'G' key to start reloading a empty magazine in your inventory without having to right click. Or switch between full-auto and semi-auto fire with a press of 'Z'. No need to look for your pistol  anymore, just press 4, 5 or 6 to equip a pistol, rifle or shotgun (respectively).

ORGM will choose smartly and pick the gun you have loaded (or at least have ammo for).

All keys can be rebound in PZ's Options screen under the 'keybindings'  tab.

Context Menus:
Lots of right-click menu options for playing with your toys. Inspect your weapon, and see the serial number. Cock or release the hammer, opening the slide, spin the chamber.

Play russian roulette if you're brave enough...or infected.

Unique Models:
Unique 3d models for every gun, Hand crafted from scratch by Filibuster Rhymes.

Code Quality
Well documented API designed for performance (no lag) and ease of adding onto with additional mods.

Mod website (
TIS forum thread
Steam workshop page