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This mod adds working bicycles to the game!

Permissions and credits
The Bicycle Revolution Returns!
I always found it a bit odd that PZ didn't have any working bicycles, so I decided to do it myself. Goodbye pollution. Goodbye beaten up cars without gas or keys. Hello freedom!
This mod introduces bicycles to the game. Bicycles are somewhat difficult to find though, so watch out for it!

  • Doesn't require gas or power, you are the engine!
  • Makes very little noise, ideal for stealth!
  • Highly customizable!
  • Since it's a bicycle you don't need keys, just hop in!

  • The more you pedal the more tired you get!
  • You are very vulnerable to attacks!
  • Low storage capacity!
  • Relatively low top speed!

How does it work?

The bicycle is a vehicle that can offer immense advantages, with some costs, of course.
The bicycle works just like in real life. Pedalling tires you but also gives you fitness exp.
Don't pedal to full exhaustion or you will fall off!

The faster you go, the faster you tire.
Pedalling also warms you up if you are cold, and you can pick up the bicycle and transport it.
There are various types of bicycle, and they each have their own exclusive differentials.


Does it work in Multiplayer?
Of course it does!

Does it work on existing saves?
Yes! But bicycles won't spawn on already explored areas.

What does this mod offer?
Please click here to check it out.

Is the mod compatible with [...]?
Please click here for a list of known incompatible mods.
Everything else should work perfectly.

How do I transport the bicycle?
To pick up a bicycle, right click the bicycle and click "Pick up bicycle".
You will then be given a bicycle frame item which can be dropped on the ground to form a bicycle, or even used as a melee weapon!
All of the bicycle's parts will also be transferred to your inventory.

You can drop the bicycle frame to reverse this process, removing the bicycle parts from your inventory and transforming them on a bicycle.

Powered by BitBraven.
Model adjustments and animations by MonkeyShark.
And of course, thank you for supporting me!

Like my mods?
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I also accept Ko-Fi donations. All money is used on mod development.

3D models used
"Yellow Bicycle" model by Tatyana Volk (
"Mountain bike" model by Niilo Poutanen (
The models above are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Workshop ID: 2988491347
Mod ID: BB_Bicycles
Vehicle IDs: Base.BicycleRegular, Base.BicycleRegularScrap, Base.BicycleMTB, Base.BicycleMTBScrap