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Adds a fully functional F-16XL (F/X-16) to Project Wingman, replacing the F/C-16.

Permissions and credits

Adds a fully functional F-16XL (F/X-16) to Project Wingman, replacing the F/C-16. Includes four new skins for the replacement, eight new skins and a custom loadout when used alongside the Sicario Modding App, and a texture template for modders.

Files Available:
  • F-16XL_Sicario_P.pak — Model swap, replacing the F/C-16. Includes four skins by default, with four more and a custom loadout available for activation with the Project Sicario Merger.
  • F-16XL_Standalone_P.pak — Model swap with a prepacked loadout adjustment. Modifies DB_Aircraft and DWeaponDB, so will be incompatible with any other mods that edit those files. Does not work with Project Sicario Merger.

Manual Installation:
  1. Extract the given .pak file(s) to ..\Project Wingman\ProjectWingman\Content\Paks\~mods (create the ~mods folder if needed)
  2. Use the Project Sicario Merger to make your own merged .pak, combining the F-16XL with other gameplay mods, if you're so inclined.
  3. Install any downloaded skins or alternate files to the ~mods folder.
  4. Enjoy!

  • Lavernius Regalis#9919 — Modelling, ORM and normal maps, weathering/systems, texture template, rigging, diffuse skins, and balancing.
  • agc93#0001 — Implementation of additional skin slots and loadout.
  • Rocketman_02#0256 — Camouflage masks for skin 05.
  • njmksr#3705 — Cascadian National Guard assets for skin 05.
  • Zfall99#9326 — Camouflage masks and design for skin 06.
  • Deacon Barley#0636 — Additional photography.
  • DanTheTilapiaMan#3254 — Branding/logos.