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You know how a person can make a choice when making a mod? What if someone made every bad choice imaginable?

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Mod that changes a lot about the game and adds an additional plane.

-Adds the "Arplen" in the X/Z-16's slot.
-Makes BML-U fire 250 missiles with 250 ammo.
-Replaces the F/C-16's skin 1 and other textures with those of the Arplen.
-Turns the AIM-9 into a bone.
-Various audio replacements and a surprise music replacement on "Kings"
-Loadouts on most planes have been randomized.
-The railgun is a railgun casing around a bolt-action rifle.
-UGBL's glow.
-Exactly one smoke texture has been replaced by the American flag. No, I don't remember which one.
-Long RDBM.
-ASM is a tiny Chimera.
-T-21 has been given EUFB.
-The C/T-17 has been given a modified mesh.

Special thanks to the people of the PW discord who watched in horror and helped make this possible.

Warning: not compatible with gameplay or most audio mods. Also not compatible with F/C-16 skins
that swap for skin 1.

Update 0.86 Changes:
-The gun sound has been replaced by the Goat Scream (idea by MinecrackTyler).
-T-21 has been given SAA and vastly improved stats.
-One additional music swap.
-Crewmate Pilots

Changes in 0.87
-AIM-54 and S-8 models are swapped.
-"Untextured" skin on Accipiter slot 4.
-Minor bug fixes.

Changes in 1.0
-Gun pods have been replaced by Sicario Tactical Automatic Ballistae.
-The Viggen has a lot of pilots.
-"Hope you brought anti-ship weapons!" (all 205's have been replaced by miniature Condors).
-Various other model and skin modifications.
-Peacekeeper Budget Cuts and other NPC modifications.
-Additional music modifications.
-Good luck not crashing the Sk.37!
-Added alternate version of the mod that does not edit any data tables and should be compatible with just about any gameplay mod (but lacks the Arplen, the stat and SPweapon performance changes, and the NPC aircraft modifications).

Changes in 1.2
-Replaced Crewmate Pilots with Shadow Creature Pilots
-Crewmate Bombs
-More NPC modifications
-Fast Land Battleships
-"Corrupted" F-15 Skin
-Normal F-14 Skins
-Normal animations for a normal F-18