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An extension/rebalance mod that I made for Prison Architect. It turns on many things left out and adds new stuff and rebalances most contraband found in the game.

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I made this mod mainly because I was frustrated with how unbalanced the Escape Mode is to prisoners who just want to destroy things rather than escape. Ultimately, I failed that goal, but I did make some very good steps in the right direction. For starters, I nerfed the fire department's involvement in the game. Only 2 fire fighters per truck and only one truck per prison, now it should be much easier to start fires - not to worry for the wardens out there, because there are still sprinklers.

I also found a lot of code that was left out of the game, including contraband and criminal backstories and more. I added a bunch of names to the game and a few more backstories and turned on most of the contraband. I had to add contraband to rooms in which they're found used by staff or that I thought fit. For example, clip boards can now be found in the Reception and Parole rooms.

I added a few new rooms to the game, and changed the spiritual bits in the game. I added the Utilities Closet, Power Room, Water Closet, Temple, and Synagogue. I also tried to define to the game the difference between Rabbi, Pastors, and Spiritual Leaders (those who go to the Temple), but for now they all still say Pastor (which was the original Spiritual Leader).

I added a few new quickbuilds to the game and sort of updated one. I added quickbuilds of the appropriate dimensions for the Temple and the Chapel and Synagogue, and I added a quickbuild for the Utilities Closet although the Temple and Utilities Closet are both broken but they can be easily fixed in game (you'll see if you use it). I added a better solitary cell and a better office quickbuild.

I changed a few characters around so they would carry more stuff, like the dog handler's now have batons and snipers now have Jail Keys (although neither spawn with them I think).

I added contraband to the Parole Room, Reception, Cleaning Closet, Armoury, Security, Kitchen, Forestry, and Mail Room. I changed the properties of most contraband, especially wood (now coated with metal paint !!).

I tried to add grants, but they don't work. I will work on this, possibly.

More content in the future. I have some rather unique ideas and I can't wait to see how they work. For now I've spent 3 days on this without clear goals and want to rest a bit. A new update will be out within several months. If not, then I've forgotten about it.

Thanks to Emaniac25 for helping me test the mod!!