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This Unofficial Patch is the result of my attempts to fix the broken PC version of Prince of Persia The Two Thrones using the Reverse Engineering methods.

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Prince of Persia The Two Thrones: The Unofficial Patch.

 This patch will fix most of the problems left for 18 years by UBISOFT.

You can support this project on my PayPal by clicking on this text.

(All Patch notes are in the change log tab)

See similar project for Warrior Within HERE !!!

If you use other version than English then you have to use the optional file to patch your version of pop3.bf yourself.
You need Xdelta Patcher to do it.
DO NOT USE my pop3.bf file if your version is not english.

My main objective for this patch was to fix absolutely terrible camera and mouse input, but over time this project evolved in to full on Update to fix the game.
In the original game ubisoft resorted to simple gamepad analog emulation for mouse movement which is the worst thing you can do for a PC Port.
In order to fix that I had to Reverse Engineer camera functions and completely redone how it was coded.
That process took a lot of time (Full month to be exact) and it was a pain, because remember I don't have a source code for this game.
In the end, now we have a proper camera with very good mouse movement.
All blockers, mouse deadzones, auto-centring crap etc.. were completely removed from the game.
To prevent physics and graphics problems I had to implement a 60FPS lock and somehow remove broken MSAA from the game.

To make this the definitive version of the game, I also included some fixes from other mod makers to make the process of installing all fixes as much simple as possible for you all.
Now you don't have to change any .ini files for proper widescreen or 4K. 
I made it so it all "Just Works" out of the box without any pain.

Now it works and plays like a proper PC game.

I can't fix every broken part without source code, but i will try when i have the time and energy for this mess.
It took me a full month to fix this game on my free time, so if you like this project and want more content like this in the future, please consider supporting this project.

I also took a look at the infamous springboard BUG but after hammering this code left and right i simply do not know how to fix that without source code.
In order to fix that we have to lock the physics engine at that moment to 15FPS  (Yes it is broken even in the PS2 version but the game allows you to continue anyway.) Ubisoft took the lazy approach and just locked the game to 30 FPS on consoles.
I tried to edit springboard code and at first it worked good but for some reason that code is also the player movement physics so I simply can't fix it for now.

If you know how to repack .bin files from THE JADE GAME ENGINE please let me know !!!!
I want to remaster all the textures to make this game at least on par with other games in the trilogy.

To install, just copy all files to Prince of Persia Tho Thrones main folder where the .exe is.