Prey (2017)

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Makes all textures scroll. Not for the faint hearted. Inspired by the Dark Souls scrolling texture mod.

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Warning: This mod is not fully tested and could potentially make your game crash! Back up your save files first if you want to try this.

Inspired by the texture scrolling mod for Dark Souls, this mod aims to achieve basically the same thing. All textures in the game now scroll in the same way as typhon skin.

Some videos (note: these were recorded during development of the mod so they may contain some bugs such as invisible player hands that have now been fixed) (the wandering humans are a result of the randomizer mod):

Installation instructions:

1. Place patch_scroll.pak into Prey/GameSDK/Precache.

The optional file patch_speedyspace.pak speeds up the skybox for additional chaos. It is also intended to be placed in the Precache folder.

Uninstallation instructions:

1. Delete patch_scroll.pak and patch_speedyspace.pak if you're using it.

Known issues:

  • Arboretum is absolutely wack
  • Some textures have been broken to a state where they can only be described as a "black hole"
  • Objects turn invisible while held
  • Some buttons are no longer visible due to scrolling texture effect
  • Infinite black screen when loading into a new area - Hopefully shouldn't happen, but if it does, let me know which map this is happening on