Prey (2017)
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Increases yield of furniture and bodies when using recycler grenades.

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This mod simply increases the yeild of materials when you use a Recycler Grenade on furniture and other background items (such as corpses, robots and turrets, etc). Note that this may make the game slightly easier since you will be able to get more resources out of piles of items.

I always felt like you got very little reward from collecting everything into piles and then using a recycler grenade on them. This mod attempts to correct that by increasing the yield to x2 to x4 the default (depending on the size and item).

The mod does NOT adjust the recycling amounts you get from the items you can pick up and place into yoru inventory (and a recycler). It also does not adjust the amounts from dead Typhon bodies as those are both plentiful and yield plenty of organs, etc.