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A silly mod that adds a bunch of mashup guns to the loot tables. Morgan? More like More Gun.

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Adds a bunch of mashup guns to the loot tables. Requires starting a new game in order for changes to take effect!

Quick install instructions:

  • Place patch_zzzzmoregun.pak into Prey\GameSDK\Precache.
  • Start a new game for changes to take effect.

The following variants are added for the shotgun, pistol, gloo gun, and nerf gun (except for cases where the ammo type would be redundant):

  • 9mm - Uses the same ammo as the silenced pistol
  • GLOO - Fires GLOO
  • Toy - Fires nerf darts
  • EMP - Fires EMP grenades and consumes them as ammo
  • Recycler - Fires recycler grenades and consumes them as ammo
  • Lure - Fires typhon lures and consumes them as ammo
  • Nullwave - Fires nullwave grenades and consumes them as ammo
  • Phantasmic - Fires phantom kinetic blasts
  • Telepathic - Fires telepath psychoshock blasts
  • Nightmarish - Fires nightmare fear blasts
  • Voltaic - Fires voltaic phantom shock blasts

The Phantasmic/Telepathic/Nightmarish/Voltaic guns all use a special type of ammunition called "Exotic Ammunition". This should drop in place of typhon organs.

Example video of the exotic shotgun variants:

Known save issue if saving while in the Neuromod Division for the first time

tl;dr Avoid saving the game until you have left the Neuromod Division at the beginning of the game. After that, saving should work as expected, even if you return to the Neuromod Division.

Long version: If you have one of these new guns in your inventory at the beginning of the game in the Neuromod Division, save the game, quit Prey 2017 entirely, then reload that save, it will load incorrectly and you will be unable to equip any weapons. To fix this issue, simply leave the Neuromod Division. This is due to how the game treats save files that are created while in the Neuromod Division for the first time.


If the game is crashing on startup, try manually deleting any old save files in the current slot before starting a new one.

If the new weapons aren't showing up in containers, try making sure that you don't have any other mods installed that may conflict with this one. This is not compatible with mods that modify entity archetype configs or loot tables (ex. Prey Souls, Prey Randomizer).


Thanks to coyote for helping me figure out how to create custom guns!