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Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics Mod by jmx777
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Added: 11/09/2017 - 08:28AM
Updated: 18/10/2017 - 08:27PM

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Last updated at 20:27, 18 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 8:28, 11 Sep 2017

                                                              IMPORTANT: THIS IS A WIP IT'S AT 90% COMPLETE, EXPECT MINOR BUGS!


This mod aims to improve the graphics and realism on Prey:

  • All the lights cast shadows (incl flash light)
  • Corrected shadows for the original light sources 
  • Ultra view distance for everything (incl space station!)
  • Improved particles 
  • Improved AO+IL (Via Engine and Reshade)
  • Darker Atmosphere avoiding crushed blacks (Via Engine and Reshade)  
  • No more pop-in! (texture, shadows, objects, particles) 
  • Improved reflections 
  • Prevents medium size objects become transparent when carrying
  • All decals (blood, gloo, bullet holes, broken papers, broken glasses, etc) stay almost forever (only disappears when you leave the level)

0.9 Vanilla flashlight update:

  • Fix shadows glitch on arboretum path lights. 

  • More blood! Death hit blood of Thypons and Humans will spread more and remain on screen.
  • Tiny death gibs meshes of Typhons will remain on screen, added physics collisions and they'll cast and receive shadows.
  • Added effect for wrench hits on lights.
  • Added light effects to wrench hits on screens.
  • Tweaked and augmented physics and quantity for goo shattered parts when breaking after being attached to a character, the remains will cast and receive shadows.
  • Tweaked physics, added collision and augmented the quantity of player produced goo breaking pieces, the remains will stay on screen and also cast and receive shadows.
  • Finetuned and improved in engine AO (see last added screenshots).
  • Updated Reshade's AO+IL to latest ver: support 2 passes, so now is more detailed and has wider range costing the same as before.
  • Operators mesh parts: Augmented screen lifetime for broken parts of robots on damage and destruction, the remains cast and receive shadows.
  • Player Bullets shells: Augmented screen lifetime and added physics collisions of bullets ejected shells they'll cast and receive shadows, note that they will remain on screen while the weapon is selected, at the moment that the weapon is changed they'll disappear (this is unavoidable at the moment).
  • Turrets Bullets shells: Augmented screen lifetime and added physics collisions of bullets ejected shells, they'll cast and receive shadows.
  • Activated effects that were cut on vanilla for mesh parts on damage for some operators, mesh parts on turrets destruction and mesh parts on random explosions. Added augmented screen lifetime and improved physics, the remains cast and receive shadows.
  • Activated other several particle effects that were cut on vanilla game such of sparks w/collisions, glow effects, smoke effects, etc
  • Expanded view distance for several types of sparks.
  • Activated shadows for missing exterior vistas elements.
  • Added new option in Game Settings: Hud toggle. Warning! makes ALL notifications, objectives, prompts, icons, reticle, etc disappear but you can check stats, objectives, health, etc in the inventory menu, can be very hard to play this way but very immersive.
  • Added new options in Advanced Video Settings:
  1. Sharpness slider (mod default 0,35) 
  2. TSAA (mod default on) 
  3. Chromatic aberration (mod default off) 
  4. Film grain (mod default off)
  5. Supersampling 2x2 (mod default off) keep in mind that using supersampling will break Reshade AO and DOF, the others reshade effects will work
  • ATTENTION! These added options need to be set every time the game loads, this is needed cause if the game can write the file to save the changes also will change other mod related settings resulting in undesired IQ and others issues.
  • Leverage III objects are transparent again when carrying in order to don't affect gameplay.
  • Change optional file implementation: Now if you use vanilla flashlight optional file keep in mind that works in companion with the main file to save download space.

0.8c(Only apply for Reshade ver): Speedup Reshade initialization and helps with compatibility problems

  • Fix Shadows flickering in some areas
  • Stabilized fps in large areas.
  • Added optional file to become leverage III objects transparent again in order to don't affect gameplay (in the next number update this will be included in the main file)

  • Breakable lights!: now lights also reacts to impacts such as bullets and collisions                                                                                          (in the coming updates I'll be adding more destructions efects) 
  • Light fixtures can be carried
  • Added slight DOF only for up closes (1-2 fps cost), can be deactivated pressing "numpad -"
  • Reshade AO+IL finetuned and improved (now cost fewer fps and is equally effective)
  • Added physics ability to Industrial lathe, drill press, crafting plans, Transtar hanging wall logo, workbench vice, board eraser, cigarettes, kitchen knife, lockers.
  • Amplified shadows view distance to avoid shadows pop-in on large rooms without fps cost.
  • More shattered parts when breaking goo
  • Fixed some burn decals disappearing before time
  • Added an extra file for those that have issues whit Reshade on game startup, this is to avoid further search and downloading files cause is a known compatibility problem on some setups. (see installation notes)

  • Increased view distance for environment decals
  • Ad collision for various types of particles
  • Increase collision for particles that already have
  • Increased particles view distance
  • Fix paper pieces decals disappearing before time
  • Deactivated fake lights in some areas
  • Burns decals for explosions and voltaic strikes on floor stay almost forever
  • Added shadows (cast and receive) for gloo shattered parts and augmented screen lifetime
  • Added physics (movement and carrying ability) to apartment nightstand, locker drawer, and fertilizer dispenser
  • Optional file without Reshade that maintains  vanilla environment "feel", and fps gain (No added AO+IL)

0.6b: Fixes some decals disappearing before time, added an optional file for vanilla flashlight.

And much more to come!



  1. Extract the zip file, inside there are 5 folders each one has a name that explains where to put the files for the correct functionality of the mod.
  2. Open game.cfg  (%yourusername%\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Prey) with notepad and set your preferred resolution, make sure to set as read only after.
  3. Open dxgi.ini (\Prey\Binaries\Danielle\x64\Release) and change "ScreenshotPath=.\Screenshots" to "ScreenshotPath=.\" (without quotes) otherwise screenshots will not save. (In the next update this will be fixed to delete this step)
  4. Start the game and set the brightness to -5 (Don't worry, otherwise you'll get overexposed whites)
  5. Enjoy!


   1.  Extract the zip file, inside there are 4 folders each one has a name that explains where to put the files for the correct functionality of the mod.
   2.  Open game.cfg  (%yourusername%\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Prey) with notepad and set your preferred resolution, make sure to set as read only             after.
   3.  Enjoy!

SLI OWNERS: Open autoexec.cfg and ad this line at the end: r_multigpu = 1

Important Notes:

Breakable lights don't affect normal gameplay, only powerful direct hits can break them (bullets, leverage II and III objects) and if you are in a room and destroy all (see image comparisons) the lights and shadows produced by them will disappear but there are plenty others lights sources such as screens, lights on the highs that are unreachables and signs that will illuminate the rooms and guide you thru only a few small rooms will become very dark (like the one on the video) but they are specific ones and the flashlight do the job if you accidentally destroy all the lights

Warning! can be very taxing on some setups! On a GTX 1060 6gb, i5 3570k, 16gb ram and SSD, 1080p VSYNC ON I get 60fps with dips to 54 on space and Arboretum w/many Thypons around, you can gain fps disabling Resahde's AO+IL hitting "Numpad +"

If you find a bug (In most cases are related to shadows due to restrictions on the engine) please tell me the type of light and object implicated being the most explicit possible cause the game has 273 type of lights and sometimes it's hard to find the right one to tweak.

Know bugs:

In the first mission, the sun looks oversaturated