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Allows you to disable various distracting elements from the game and HUD.

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Yu CAN USE these mods with existing save files. unlike other mods these are visual replacements and should not effect your current saves in any way.

Hi All Yu's

This is a series of mod plugin's to disable various immersion breaking features of the game. You can mix and match these and use whatever you like (or all of them!). You can use them with other mods, the base game, etc. They should not affect your saves in any way/

Currently it includes the following plugins:

  • No Crouch Icon
  • No Flashlight Icon
  • No Enemy Alert / Spotting Yu Gauges
  • No Enemy Markers Over Their Heads (or bodies or whatever... Typhon are weird :P)
  • No Enemy Music Cues When Enemies Are Close
  • No Item Glinting / Glimmering
  • No Stamina or Jet Pack Bars

Also included is my Options Menu enhancement which allows you to turn off motion blur and toggle the HUD on or off (as well as some additional QOL keybinding fixes)

WARNING! Playing with the entire HUD toggled off is very VERY difficult as it completely shuts off all HUD elements including things you might want like loot container contents. You will have to use your PDA to examine the map and inventory frequently in order to check your health, armor, PSI and items you collect from containers. 


CAN YOU DISABLE the Health/PSI/Armor bars?
Short A: NO
Long A: Not yet.

These elements are a part of the HUD flash file and I have not find a good method YET to disable them. Still working on it...

Short A: NO
Long A: Unfortunately this a different kind of game function not related to user controls so it can't be bound anywhere. It's basically a "graphics setting" (sort of)


To use these mods - you simply locate where your game is installed and find the GameSDK folder. 
Mine is \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Prey\

Inside that folder is a subfolder called Precache (i.e. \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Prey\GameSDK\Precache\). 

All you need to do is place the pak file within the precache folder. To uninstall just remove it. Does not affect the official patch file.

Note that this bits are all "MOD"ular so you can pick and choose what you want to use and what you don't. You can also mix and match with other paks found here on the forums. HOWEVER please be aware that PAK files are loaded by the game alphabetically and the LAST file loaded is the one used so if you have other mods be aware of their load order as ones further down the line can invalidate earlier paks. i.e. - if something ain't working and you have other mods installed try moving them out of the folder temporarily to see if it fixes the issue