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Hardcore mod for Prey (2017) by Arkane studios. Think Nightmare mode is too easy? Typhon are a pushover?? Well try this series of plugins to create the HARDEST most DIFFICULT experience Prey can provide. Will Yu Survive??

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IMPORTANT NOTE - do not use this mod with existing save files. It will likely corrupt those file, cause crashes or summon a nightmare.
You should start a NEW play through with this mod.

Hi All Yu's

This is a "Hardcore Mod" for Prey. It's a conglomeration of ideas that I have been experimenting with and requested features from the community.

This set of mod plugin's makes the following changes to the base game:

  • Survival Traumas
  • Reactivates the previous cut Traumas from the game (Blindness, Bleeding, Burns, Fractures, and Concussions) and increases the types of hazards which can cause these. 

    Each type of trauma (except "blindness" which is actually vision impairment not total blindness and clears on it's own like being drunk) can be cured with a specific medical cure that you can collect and/or fabricate.

    Medical Operators clear ALL conditions and there is a new skill which also allows conditions to be cleared with a standard medical kit.

  • Items
  • Various new items have been added - a mixture of cut content and new items. Most of these are "junk" to clutter up your inventory. 

    More standardized inventory limits on stacking. Inventory management is more of a thing now. If you find this frustrating do consider that the game allows you to store anything anywhere and will not delete or remove it. Hint - there are brief cases and other storage containers all over Talos that can be lugged around.

    Ammo, weapons, grenades and other useful items have been removed from Typhon as loot drops. You will have to depend on what you scavenge from the environment and more importantly what you fabricate.

    Much of the random useful loot (ammo, hypos, etc) on human bodies has been replaced with fabrication licenses so you will need to construct what you need to survive (or scavenge it from the hand placed items the devs have put around the levels.)

  • Fabrication
  • Limited licensing has been restored. Now when you pick up a fabrication plan it gives you ONE license to fabricate ONE item. Some costs have been adjusted slightly to use more organic and exotic material which is not used very much in the base game (beyond PSI Hypos and Neuromods)

  • Abilities
  • Increases the overall skill cost and requirements of upper tier mods. Costs start around 1-2 neuromods more for the bottom tier abilities and ramp up to x2 - x3 for upper tier powers depending on how powerful they are.

    Re-activates the previous cut Field Surgeon skill which allows players to heal traumas with normal med kits.

    "Nutrition" healing benefit from food drains away faster. Food is less of an effective replacement for medical treatment. Water no longer heals (why would it?!?) and gives much less PSI making it a much less effective replacement for PSI Hypos. If you want to stand around the water cooler all day be my guest 

  • Enemies 
  • Typhon get a very slight buff on health. This is very, very minor (around +20%) and does not effect low level Typhon (mimics, cystoids, etc). Mechanicals remain unchanged.

    You no longer automatically obtain the mimic detection chip so mimics are more of an ever present and unnerving threat.

  • HUD 
  • Removed crouch and flash light icons from the HUD. Also removed enemy alert and indicator markers as well as most music cues to alert you of enemies. You will need to use good situational awareness and listening to find your enemies.

    Items no longer glow, glisten or glitter to draw your attention to them. Besides immersion breaking it's too much hand holding.

    Improved the Options Menu to include a HUD toggle which completely turns off ALL HUD elements (warning this is an extremely immersive, but also EXTREMELY difficult way to play)

NOTE - Unfortunately this mod does NOT enable Oxygen use nor weapon degradation. I have been unable to get these features working and am hoping that Arkane releases a future Survival Mode update that will bring these back.


To use these mods - you simply locate where your game is installed and find the GameSDK folder. 
Mine is \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Prey\

Inside that folder is a subfolder called Precache (i.e. \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Prey\GameSDK\Precache\). 

All you need to do is place the pak file within the precache folder. To uninstall just remove it. Does not affect the official patch file.

Note that this bits are all "MOD"ular so you can pick and choose what you want to use and what you don't. You can also mix and match with other paks found here on the forums. HOWEVER please be aware that PAK files are loaded by the game alphabetically and the LAST file loaded is the one used so if you have other mods be aware of their load order as ones further down the line can invalidate earlier paks. i.e. - if something ain't working and you have other mods installed try moving them out of the folder temporarily to see if it fixes the issue