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Parallax Extreme (v1.6 | update)
Choice is one of the greatest things that we, as gamers have...the more opportunities we have for making a choice, the better our gaming experiences will be! And now is no different. We now have a choice in which mapping mod we will use (unless, of coarse, you have a large HardDrive, in which case, you can have multiple installations of Prey, and have a number of graphic enhancing mods installed. ...And once again, the mod-improving-machine has been busy! Dafama2K7 has returned with his updated and enhanced version of the popular Parallax Extreme mod!

    Some of the features of this mod include:

      • Interior environments almost real, really scary, not suitable for all people.
      • Beyond the limits effect thanks to adding some Prey techniques into the Parallax shader!
      • Best Parallax effect thanks to mixing the features of Brilliant Highlights shaders and the Parallax shaders into one shader!
      • Now enhanced with some techniques to be more metallic and at the same time Brilliant, enhanced specular & normal bumpmapping.

    This mod tweaks Prey's graphics engine by applying parallax mapping to all textures; It incorporates an improved central shader and all other textures benefit from the Simulated Parallax Mapping design. The result is a significant improvement over standard bump mapping. Parallax Extreme enhances the look of the Prey universe by giving surfaces more depth and realism. Using a heavily modified vertex and pixel shader and a mix of custom and simulated height maps, this mod makes surfaces look more three-dimensional by offsetting bumps depending on your view.

      Some of the changes in this version include:

      • Added lightning enhancements.
      • Fixed various bugs.

Refer to the readme for more information.
New Shaders Pack (v2.0)
After some time away, Dafama2K7 has returned and he has not come empty handed! Always striving to give you the best possible experience while playing Prey, he has been putting in some serious time and effort to produce some quality content for you, the Prey gamer! The New Shaders Pack is a small collection of the more popular Graphical Tweak mods that Dafama2K7 has updated in the past, and , yes, these to have been updated to their latest respective versions!

This pack contains the latest versions for some of the most popular shaders out there. If you want Doom 3, Quake 4, Prey and ETQW to look the best, then check this package divided in four sections, just go into the one you are interested in and drag & drop the folder mod to the game you may want to use the shaders on...

    This package is comprised of:

      • NG Shaders

    In the past Dafama2K7 used and considered this as his first and foremost standard shaders. At the last minute he has made an update based on the ETQW shaders that removes the inflated brilliant effect and add a more natural look.

      • Brilliant Highlights mod shaders

    Now, this is the shaders used by this developer as standard, and a 2008 actual good-look shader. This surely is the best shader ever made. In this update, the Metallic effect that was too much exaggerated has been removed.

      • Brilliant Highlights Old style mod shaders

    Not as good as the BHNGMod shaders, but the developer wanted to at least make the last version of this shader, this is a shader that looks like playing Quake II with IdTech4 (D3) engine, very rusty and metallic.

      Parallax Extreme shaders

If you have the power, go for it, the latest Relief will be included in the next package that are even more 3D, but at this moment, try this Unreal Engine 3 alike shaders.

Also for the Parallax Shaders, Dafama2K7 has made the update based on the ETQW shaders that removes the brilliant effect and adds a more natural look. Now, a bad bug has been fixed and the developer has placed the BHMod_NG + Parallax Extreme mix as the first priority shader in Parallax and the NG + Parallax Extreme as the secondary shader...not as good as the invincible latest Relief Extreme shaders, but it needs far less FPS power and after removing an old bug that caused artifacts in the past, now looks very, very good !

Relief Extreme shaders - (Notice that this time this Relief shaders are an UPDATE ONLY !, (Except on PREY game, that Dafama2K7 has been able to included the FULL Relief Extreme mod), you will need to install the latest full version available FIRST !) This modified shader was created to test Relief Mapping technique with high-quality game art. Note, however, that some geometry will not look correct with Relief Mapping as the art for the game was not created for this effect. "For correct use of the technique the edges of scene polygons should have no displacement (depth=0). But, since the depth maps were created from the game normal maps this is not guaranteed. Now, a very bad old bug that was even on the original Relief shaders mod, so, it was a bug not introduced by me, and now with that bug fixed and the Relief Extreme shaders updated to the max, it's easily the BEST of the BEST shaders, with more relief on all textures and models and this time without artifacts, with all the NG + Relief Extreme features included, really, go, try this, seeing in action this marvel it's addictive, it's gorgeous, it's real !!!"

Are you still sitting there reading this? Hurry up and start your New Shaders Pack download, the sooner it's done, the sooner you'll have your very own copy of this excellent pack! You should note that the individual readmes for each file is located in that file's archive.

Refer to the readme for more information.
Next Generation shaders (1.5)
Next Generation Shaders v1.5 for Prey.

Enhanced_Shaders beyond the limits for ATI & NVidia gfx cards with OpenGL v2.0 or higher !

Try the kp_slash key to put the gfx modes to your taste (default is the best).

Thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager for let me use they're Chromatic Shaders.

Thanks to Maha-X for his Brilliant mods !
Enhanced Shaders for Nvidia Chipsets (1.3)
This is Version 1.3 of Dafama2K7's Enhanced Shaders specifically for Nvidia chipsets. Enjoy!
Parallax Mod
Here's what DaFama2K7 had to say about his Parallax Mod:


Basically, the Parallax Mapping Mod is designed to give the game an authentic and lifelike adventure; This mod will draw you in even more then the original stock game does, and will heighten your perception of the cyber-surroundings around you. For the more technical minded, this mod is a new technology that simulates physical displacements on surfaces. As a result surfaces looks more three dimensional, it increases metal gloss, and the game looks more realistic. ...In short, it's sweet, and a must have!

Parallax Mapping Mod v2.0 enhances Doom3's graphics engine by applying parallax mapping to all textures. Parallax mapping, also known as virtual displacement mapping, is a recent graphical technology that gives surfaces more depth and realism. Using a heavily modified vertex and pixel shader and a mix of custom and simulated height maps, this mod makes surfaces look more three-dimensional by offsetting bumps depending on your view.

Unpredictable Prey (0.6)
Here's the updates in this version, from the Readme:


v0.6 - Updated to latest NG shaders.

- Much powerful weapons.

- More balanced game play.

- Uses the Chromatic Dispersion Shaders by TheRealScenegraphManager.

- Fixed small bugs and optimized some things.

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    Remember, we love to hear the communities picks so keep them coming by using this handy form.

    Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it (similar to how our community members have below).  

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