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SkToolbox for PlateUp is a utility that allows the player to manipulate their character and the world around them to provide for a better gaming experience based on preference.

Permissions and credits
SkToolbox for PlateUp is a utility meant to provide an on-screen interface that allows the user to manipulate the game in ways they would otherwise not be able.

This mod can be used alongside Steam Workshop mods. Simply make sure you are not subscribed to Harmony on the Workshop.

Features and Behaviors
  • [World] spawnItem - Spawn any object in the game
  • [World] listAssets - View a list of all spawnable assets in the game. This list is searchable.
  • [World] money - Set or add your money to any amount.
  • [Player] teleport [useLastPos] - to your mouse position, a coordinate, or if you have already teleported you can teleport back to your previous position!
    Try these commands! Afterward, press F1 to teleport to your mouse cursor and F2 to teleport back!
    • bind f1 teleport
    • bind f2 "teleport 1"
  • [Player] noclip - Disable collision (walk through all objects, customers, and other players)
  • [Display] getCustomerTimers - Display a window that shows the customer schedule for the day. This shows group sizes and times.
  • [Display] getNextCustomer - Display a banner with large text that shows how long until the next group, and how large it will be.
  • [Display] toggleClock - Display a clock that shows the current time of day (in real life), how long you've been playing, and time of day in-game.
  • [World] setAutoConsent - Automatically consent for all players at the end of each day.
  • [World] Spawn cat customers
  • [World] toggleHeatmap - Displays a heatmap of your player movement on the ground. [Experimental]
  • ... and more!

How To Use
• Simply open the on-screen display with the Tilde [ ` ] key.

How To Install
    1. Open the BepInEx zip file and extract all contents to the game's root directory (You'll see PlateUp.exe and UnityPlayer.dll in this folder).
    2. (Required) Download SkToolbox from NexusMods and extract the plugin to the game/BepInEx/plugins directory.
    3. After extraction, in the game root folder, you should see the PlateUp.exe file, and the BepInEx folder in the same folder. (Example) You'll also see 2 items in the plugins folder. (Example)
    4. If you do not install the mod with the included BepInEx installation, you must change the configuration file. Under PlateUp/BepInEx/config/BepInEx.cfg and modify under [Preloader.Entrypoint], set Type = Camera.
    Run the game and enjoy.
    If you are just updating or already have BepInEx installed and you downloaded the DLL file, just place this file in the BepInEx plugins directory.

Enjoy. Please endorse at the top of this page if you find value in this mod, it really does help us out.

Questions? Feel free to post in the forums!