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This mod improves the wolf model to be more realistic and accurate, as well as adding more wolf variation in the form of color variants, an "albino" skin, and subtle marking variation by utilizing the Bengal Tiger's materials.

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Tired of the strangely cartoony, unnatural, and boring look of the basegame wolves, and the serious lack of almost any variation? Well then you've come to the right place! :D

This mod adds a bunch of extra variation to wolves, by giving them an "albino" skin and marking variation, as well as increasing the range of color variation overall. No more boring, same-y wolves!

The marking variation is much more noticeable on the 'albino' skin, but some of the base skin wolves have shown it pretty well on the nose area :'D

The mod currently comes in two "flavors". Because this mod requires edits to the Main.OVL, this means that it is technically incompatible with Planet Zoo Plus and PZ+ Safari Edition- however, for compatibility, I have included two versions of the mod: One for the basegame, essentially entirely vanilla except for the addition of the wolf albino skin, and one version for PZ+ Safari Edition.

Permission pending to either upload a version for original PZ+, or have my compatibility patch uploaded to the PZ+  mod page.

This way, users will not have to choose between wolf variation and PZ+ game features, and can have the best of both worlds. :D

Compatibility with PZ+ is currently only provided for Safari Edition, as I had permission to use PZ+'s files for Safari Edition. As a basic courtesy I am waiting on permission to provide a patch for the original PZ+.

However, Safari Edition contains essentially all of the same features as base PZ+, just with some changes to animal group sizes and the addition of more realistic predation behavior.