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Add the black swan from Australia to Planet Zoo as a new species! A contrasting relative to the white swans.

Permissions and credits

This mod has been brought to you by Narwhaler!
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• This mod adds the Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) to the game. The saying "rarer than a black swan" took a turn when this bird was discovered by Europeans. The black swan is a perfect addition to Australian sections.
• Unique models for adult and juvenile.
• Functional research, zoopedia and UI.
• Functional education infoboard textures.
• Based on the Greater Flamingo. Uses its enrichment items.

• English
• Spanish
• French (thanks to Pierre)
• Portuguese (thanks to Masora157)
• German (thanks to Arne Greve)
• Czech (thanks to Mireach88)

This mod requires ACSE to work. Make sure you have it installed beforehand!

To install this mod, simply extract the zip and place the extracted folder in the ovldata folder of the game.

IMPORTANT: Before reporting any crashes or issues, try redownloading the mod and make sure it is indeed this mod what is causing the issue and not something else. If you are definitely sure then report the bug.

Enjoy the mod. Cheers!