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Adds the less known cousin of the capybara, the lesser capybara, as a standalone species to Planet Zoo! Compatible with Jen's capybara.

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The lesser capybara is a species of capybara found in the northeastern area of South America, through Panama to Colombia and Venezuela. Initially considered a subspecies, it is currently considered a separate species and it's far less known than its cousin. And also far more threatened due to its smaller population and loss of habitat within its range.

The lesser capybara loves water and has interspecies enrichment with the giant otter, the capuchin monkey and the giant anteater.

Important details
This mod is a separate animal from Jen's capybara and it is compatible with it too!

The mod is available in the following languages:
- English
- Spanish
- French (thanks to Trigger)
- German (thanks to [GAMER]FLO)
- Portuguese (thanks to Nixya)
- Czech (thanks to Dee)
- Dutch (thanks to Painless/MiepoSniepo)

More languages will be on their way, enjoy!

Known issues: just like the normal capybara mod, the animal will swim sunk the first time you place it in your zoo, reload the game to make it swim normally.