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This mod adds a horse, a donkey, an ox and a deer all in one: the Père David's deer! A brand new species to enjoy in Planet Zoo.

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The Lord was astonished at the sight of a creature that had antlers of a deer, hooves of an ox, face of a horse and tail of a donkey. "It's unlike any of four creatures!" he exclaimed.

According to legend, a horse, a donkey, an ox and a deer transformed into this animal and helped to defeat the tyrant King Zhou of Shang. It became a symbol of good luck, and was sought by the chinese emperors who believed eating the meat of the milu would lead to everlasting life.

The Père David's deer is known as one of the few mammals that has been saved from extinction in a similar manner to the scimitar-horned oryx. Their story highlights the importance of zoos, and now you can have your own herd of these majestic deer! I have made two fur variants: the gray winter coat as the normal variant and the reddish summer coat as the albino. If you are lucky you can get the red variant on the market! (33% chance)

The mod is available in the following languages:
- English
- Spanish
- French (thanks to Trigger)
- Portuguese (thanks to Masora157)
- Traditional and Simple Chinese (thanks to Qizza)
- German (thanks to [GAMER]FLO) new
- Czech (thanks to Dee) new
- Dutch (thanks to Roxie) new
- Italian (thanks to LexieIsHere) new
- Korean (thanks to Saito) new

Notes: uses the reindeer as base, uses its same enrichment items.