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This mod adds the Grant's Gazelle, a large gazelle species from the grasslands of Africa, into your game as a new species! (Currently in English only)

Permissions and credits
Grant's Gazelle
Nanger granti

The Grant's gazelle is a species of gazelle distributed from northern Tanzania to South Sudan and Ethiopia, and from the Kenyan coast to Lake Victoria. In your zoos they will enjoy living in large herds and thrive in grassland environments. They require similar care and enrichment to other hoofstock and will live comfortably with other African species.

Mod Details

- Includes the Grant's gazelle as a standalone species -

- Fully fledged Zoopedia and icons which blend in seamlessly with default Frontier content (Immersion!!) -

- Includes male, female, and juvenile (both adults share the same model. Unfortunately there's no way around this for now.) -

- Interspecies enrichment with a variety of African herbivores -

- Includes functional, custom education sign -

Special Thanks

(Zoopedia information)

and all the awesome folks at the Zoo Sim Modding Community Discord

Installation Instructions

Download the .zip file provided

Extract the .zip and locate the "GrantsMd" folder

Place the "GrantsMd" folder into your Planet Zoo ovldata file


(Like many other mods, there is no filter for habitat items for this species yet )

- Phonetic