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Adds the Amur leopard as a new species to Planet Zoo

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This mod adds the ultra-rare Amur leopard as a standalone species for Planet Zoo. This mod does not replace any existing animals. Has a custom model, custom textures, zoopedia entries and icons. Behavior is appropriate for a leopard, requiring a good amount of cover and climbing space. Melanistic (black panther) morph included. This is a cold-weather cat, native to the Russian Far East. Habitat requirements reflect the real-world animal. The Amur leopard requires Asian temperate and taiga plants and likes snow.

Fully updated for Update 1.6. Includes fix for the lazy eye, reduced space requirements to bring it more in line with the real-world AZA recommendations for the animal, adjusted terrain requirements. Fixed the missing SA theme icons.

French translation included, thanks to MonsieurlMaire!

Known issues: Cats are spiky. There are some weird artifacts under the ground, seems to come from the jaguar model, not a mod issue.

Installation: Drop the AmurLeop folder into your ovldata folder. Do not rename any folders or files.