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This overhaul re-balances many aspects of the guest-animal experience and adds the possibility of animal feeding stations & petting zoo designs. Increases albino sales in sandbox, feeding costs rebalanced, 100% coverage for all animals, better polar bears, and more.

Permissions and credits
Mod is finished for conservation and still up to date 10/15/22. 
If the game updates, this mod should auto-remove, and will NOT corrupt your saves! Safe to uninstall any time.
All features listed below in the informational graphic apply to ALL DLC animals. I.E. coverage up to 100% for all animals. :)

Compatible with ASCE/New Animals
Incompatible with Planet Zoo Plus. (Same files being used.)

Possible important change regarding PZ's handling of mods:
I've experienced that entering online play mode (franchise) reverts my mods back to vanilla, requiring re-instillation and playing in offline mode in the past, but currently I'm able to use this mod in franchise again without any issues? Your mileage may very.

To clarify, this mod will NOT give you any access to any content you didn't already own, even if you install the included packs for all DLC.

-Grand Safari on hold until I remake it, but Animal Overhaul updated. Wolf colors removed because a total overhaul of all animals having 10+ variants coming to this mod progressively over time, starting with the DLC's first.

New features added in 1.5 (1.5 is the version of the mod, not the version of Planet Zoo.)
1. Remade from scratch, includes all DLC and anniversary pack.
2. Rebalanced feeding costs again. (Info in download itself.)
3. Albinos appear at a rate of 2 per refresh in sandbox. 
4. Anti-fight is now removed because it seems like Frontier fixed this issue anyway, giving a large grace period to male animals growing up and a bit more tolerance so it is no longer needed. (Fixing it required changing populations and making the game slightly unrealistic, hence my decision to just remove it.)
5. Added a lot more animals to walk-throughs/guests don't flee. (Also in the download itself.) And removed Bactrian scale fix since Frontier did that also. :)
6. Added bigger scaling for American Alligators, all changes included in the doc.

New features added previously
 Guests are less bored by (& additionally more willing to view) animals from a country/climate that matches the zoo's location/climate.
-No changes were made to the base values of animal interest by species. 

New features coming to 1.6 in next release:
-Reindeer body remastered, and reworked with gorgeous asymmetrical antlers that do not break the spirit of the original design.
-Reindeer have 10 unique high quality textures that makes the herds look more natural. (Not counting additional sliders for further variation.)
-Arctic wolves have 10 realistic, different variants. (Whites and light gray saddle markings, sourced from real images.)
-Polar bear have a few variants of white, but have two rare polar bear-grizzly hybrid variants you may discover!
-Dall sheep have fannin sheep (dall-stone hybrid, almost genetically identical to stone sheep anyway) and stone sheep variants. These are basically the same animal, that changed coat color during population fragmentation in the ice age.  

*Feeding cost list/group size/scaling now in mod text document itself, forum posts obsolete/removed.

Download Animal Overhaul All In One
Unzip the file using 7-Zip or similar.

Go to: [Your directory may vary]
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Planet Zoo\win64\ovldata

Old (or maybe this is where it is for a lot of people still?)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Planet Zoo\win64\ovldata

Copy every content folder from this mod and paste, rather you own the packs or not. Overwrite all. However, you also DON'T have to transfer folders for packs you do not own, if that suits you, it makes no difference.