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Nick - Leaf - Jen - Narwhaler

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The North American river otter arrives to your zoos with a visual update by Narwhaler!

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The mod you are downloading currently features:

New Species Coding - Boost your basegame roster with this additional animal!

Full Zoopedia - Genuine and well-developed information goes into perfectly fulfilling animal knowledge in the Zoopedia.

Education Boards - Specifically developed for education of guests, with beautiful shots of the animal!

Interspecies Enrichment - Adds appropriate Interspecies Enrichment to create more dynamic habitats!

This animal is based off of the Asian Small-Clawed Otter, and will only use the enrichment and habitat items originally designed for it. 

This mod requires ACSE.

ACSE is a tool for modders to add more special features to mods that we couldn't add without it. You install it exactly the same way as other mods by unpacking the file and placing the folder into your Steam Library via: \steamapps\common\Planet Zoo\win64\ovldata

If you are interested in translating this mod into another language, please join the Modding Discord and find your way to the "PZ - Translations" Channel. Contact BongoHardwood to get set up with a translator role!

Languages now available:
- English
- Spanish (by Narwhaler)
- French (by SuperTatane)
- Czech (by Michal Š)
- German (by ArneGreve)
- Korean (by Saito)
- Simplified Chinese (by Frank Zhou)

If this is your first time installing mods, please check out this Installation Tutorial!

This teaches you how to download and install mods from Nexus from the internet to your game! 
After you download this .ZIP / .RAR file, unpack it directly to the following directory: \steamapps\common\Planet Zoo\win64\ovldata
If you do not know how to locate your ovldata folder, see the video below.


New species coding by NicholasLionRider.
Zoopedia and icons by LeafProductions.
Old model and texture by Jen bubblywums
New model and texture by Narwhaler.