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This mod increases the chances to find color morph animals in sandbox for all animals (habitat and exhibit) including DLC animals, remasters and new species! ACSE is required.


Permissions and credits
General information
This mod (previously known as More sandbox albinos) has been ported to ACSE in order to improve user experience as well as make the mod update proof! This mod now works on ALL animals, including new species mods and animal remasters!

To install you MUST have ACSE installed or your game will crash. Download ACSE here:

Game Update 1.17
Just to be clear and for those people unwilling to test anything unless the creator says it is okay: yes this mod does work for 1.17. Hope you continue to enjoy the mod.

So, a new version of ACSE is coming out. With the help of Hexabit, this mod has been updated to remain compatible.

Three flavors (high/medium rate) have been premade for you (plug and play)
We have premade the HIGH and MEDIUM color morph rate that you were used to seeing from us. You only need to download and install one.

Adjust to your own liking
It is very easy to adjust the color morph settings to your own liking. All you need is a text editor (e.g., notepad++) and you are good to go. This is how you do it:
  • Download the CUSTOM_RATE version of this mod. You can use this as is, but you can also edit it
  • Unzip and open the file called Config.MoreVariants.ini in your preferred text editor
  • Change the color morph rates
  • Save the file and install the complete folder in your ovl data folder, same as for new species mods and the high/medium rate versions of this mod.
It is possible to edit the color morph rate for a specific animal species. Examples are given in the Config file. However, you edit this at your own risk. You break it, we are not going to fix it.

What if I want to edit more than just color morph rate?
This mod is now a trimmed down version of PZ+. If you want to edit more features of your game, including color morph rate, please download PZ+ instead.

Installation instructions
Download one flavor (i.e., HIGH, MEDIUM or CUSTOM) and unzip the folder as well as ACSE. Do NOT rename anything! The folder you wish to install is called 'MoreVariants'. Copy this ENTIRE folder to your ovldata folder. Also copy ACSE here. And that's it really, you can open the game, open sandbox and enjoy more color variants. 

For a visual guide on how to install this mod, please check out Leaf's YouTube video on how to install mods in Planet Zoo. This mod is installed the same way as a 'new species' mod.

Is it safe?
Frontier does not endorse modding, so if you mod you do so at the risk of breaking your own game. However, I actively use this mod without any troubles. If you install the mod correctly, you should be fine.

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Credits to:
ChallengeOfTheDark for creating the original version of this mod
Hexabit for updating the mod to ACSE and explaining to me how it works. I couldn't have done it without you!
Pure Winter for the helpful tutorials, advice and explanation on modding this great game. 
Cobra Tool Dev Team for the Cobra modding tools
Nicholas LionRider for his helpful tutorial series
Frontier for Planet Zoo