Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition
A milestone is not the end of a journey

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"A young man should violate his own rules to arouse vigor and stop it from getting lazy and stale.
And there is no way of life more stupid and feeble than one guided by his prescriptions and habit.

'Does he want to be borne as far as the first milestone? Then he consults this 
almanack to find out the best time. Has he got a sore in the corner of an eye? 
Then he consults this horoscope before buying some ointment.'
[Ad primum lapidem vectari cum placet, hora 
Sumitur ex libro; si prurit frictus ocelli 
Angulus, inspecta genesi collyria quærit.]
Juvenal, Satires, Book VI, lines 576–8."

[« Un jeune homme doit troubler ses regles pour esveiller sa vigueur, la garder de moisir et s'apoltronir. 
Et n'est train de vie si sot et si debile que celuy qui se conduict par ordonnance et discipline.
Ad primum lapidem vectari cùm placet, hora
Sumitur ex libro; si prurit frictus ocelli
Angulus, inspecta genesi collyria quaerit.
Il se rejettera souvent aux excez mesme, s'il m'en croit. »]
Montaigne, Essays, Book III, Chapter 13 Of Experience.