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Florian Fahrenberger

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Adds ProTube/ForceTube recoil effects for "Pistol Whip", scaled with the type of used gun, and some rumble on reloading

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Where can I get the gear?

To buy ProTube/ForceTube feedback gear, check out their website:



  • Download and install MelonLoader >=0.6 (and the requirements for it if needed) into the game's directory. MelonLoader >= v0.6 is needed for this mod, which is currently still in alpha development. So you will have to activate "Show ALPHA Pre-Releases" in the settings of the MelonLoader installer until it is officially out.
  • Download and extract the zip file of this mod into your game directory. It includes the mod library in the "Mods" directory, and the ProTube API library in the "UserLibs" directory.
  • You are done, just connect your gear and then start the game how you normally would. The first startup will take longer, since MelonLoader has to disassemble all the game libraries.

If you have any issues or suggestions, the best way to contact me is to ping me on the ProTube Discord: https://discord.gg/fPMzVhx2


This mod communicates with the ProTube gear to send recoil and rumble on shooting with different weapons and reloading.

Dual Wielding

You can use two different ProTube feedback gear (like two ProVolvers) to dual wield in this game. But you have to tell the mod once which of the weapons you hold in your right and which in your left hand, otherwise it cannot guess that. So, here's how to do that:

  • Start up the game and let the ProTubes connect, and try some shooting. If left and right are already in the correct place, you are done and have to do nothing, maybe still read point 3 here.
  • If left and right are switched, quit out of the game. In the game directory, in the folder UserData, there will now be two files called rightHand.pro and leftHand.pro. Just switch them (rename left to right, and the other way around). That's it.
  • If you play another dual wielding ProTube mod of mine, you can simply copy these files to the UserData directory of that game, they simply contain the name and serial number of your gear, and which hand it is assigned to.


If you have one ProTube device, but are left-handed, some games might trigger said left hand when shooting with your right, and nothing when shooting with your left. In these cases, place a file called lefty.pro in the UserData folder of your game (it doesn't need to contain anything). That should do the trick.