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About this mod

New Horizons is a complete Overhaul of Bethesda's Pirates of the Caribbean. Including tons of new content and features, as well as numerous bugfixes.

Permissions and credits

What is New Horizons

"Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons", also known as PiratesAhoy! Community Build 14, has been in development ever since the release of Build 13 in early 2007. We have come a long way since then, adding much new content and many new features, some of which were thought to be impossible to achieve even by the original game developers themselves.

The intention is to provide as full an historical Age of Sail game experience as possible, both more realistic, but also more fun. New features include more storylines, historical detail, abilities for free play, variety and more customization than ever before. Not to mention that the graphics have also been improved upon, mainly with new models and textures, but also the sea itself and anywhere else that we could manage.

Although the game is called "Pirates of the Caribbean" and a lot of movie-specific content has been added, that is not all that's been done. Better still, there is a lot to enjoy even for those people who don't much care for the movies and it is entirely possible to play the game as a fully realistic period naval simulation, rather than a movie tie-in.


1. Install the stock PotC and make sure it runs OK

DON'T install the game to Program Files,
otherwise Windows prevents it from installing correctly
Install to, for example, C:\Games\Pirates of the Caribbean

2. Create a folder anywhere, such as in "Downloads"

3. Download both parts and put them in a folder

3a. Rename the zip from .zip to .tar by renaming (Left over mistake on my part)

4. In that folder, click on the EXE

5. Browse to your PotC install. Point the installer there

6. Choose the options you want when asked

7. Play!

Crucial Tips

- Check out the controls in
Documentation\Default Key Assignments.txt

- Set the game's settings to your liking in the
Options>Game Preferences menu-

-Use older version of the Mod 3.4 if you use windows xp


Known Game Issues and Solutions

- Windows 7:
If necessary, use "Compatability Administrator (32-bit)"
Microsoft.com- Using ffdshow:
Add the game to your "exception list"

- Disable "Safe mode" for Sounds in Config.exe to avoid crashes and graphic freezes

Additional Information

- Useful Gameplay Tips in: Ingame "Tips & Tricks " Menu

- PDF Manuals in: Documentation folder

- Changelog in: Build Info.txt

Additional Information

Storyline Walkthroughs at the PiratesAhoy! Wiki

Frequently Asked Questions on the PiratesAhoy! Forum

- Full support available at the PiratesAhoy! Community forums

Frequently Asked Questions

Before posting queries or requests for help, please take a look at our NEW FAQ page, which is now easier to navigate and contains many helpful answers and tips.
New Horizons FAQ