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  • How to edit character background

    1) Find the Skill GUID
    Each skills of POE2 has a GUID. You could find them in "global.gamedatabundle" (in the folder \PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata\).
    For example, Diplomacy's GUID is "c7e22ee0-bdd6-4ca8-99f0-a46f3dd66606".

    2) Edit the Background Game Data
    You could edit skill value of background in "characters.gamedatabundle", or make a mod to override.
    If you want Aristocrat skill bonus +20 Diplomacy, then edit "Value": 1 of "SkillID": "c7e22ee0-bdd6-4ca8-99f0-a46f3dd66606"(Diplomacy's skill GUID).

    3) Make a override mod
    Create a modname.gamedatabundle, copy and paste the lines of background Aristocrat in "characters.gamedatabundle", add lines of other "skillID", edi...

  • ReadME

    Zilbest's New Overpowered Unique Equipments

    :: FEATURES::
    • 11 Powerful items to help your journey in Deadfire
    • Those items will be sold in the Berath's Blessing Store
    • Some unique items from vanilla game are also added into Berath's Blessing store

    :: New Items List::
    • Zilbest Citzal Armor
    - 10 Armor Rating
    - 25% Recovery Time
    - 15% chance to negate next recovery on (being) attacked
    - Grants Dragon Leap (New Abilities)
    - Grants Whirling Strikes (New Abilities)
    - 25% chance to pull and Damage Enemies on getting hit

    • Zilbest Citzal Sword
    - 1-handed (Sword Proficiency)
    - 1-25 Damage (Slash / Crush)
    - 9 Penetration
    - 2 seconds Re...

  • 32 new variations for male elves in Pillars of Eternity

    Just as the title says I created 32 new variations for male elves for Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire but is can be used for PoE1 too. I used the original game files only so the pics are more of an update of their original versions than anything else.
    I hope you like it.
    With love,
    a fellow gamer...

  • Wizard Tweak and Fix: why Bookworm and Kanpsack talents

    The main problem I found playing a wizard in Deadfire, wasn't the number of spells taken during the level up, but how the spells are spread out of multiple grimoires and how the majority of these grimoires doesn't have synergies between the selected spells.

    This bring the player to chose spells to fill the gaps of their grimoires, but as you find another grimoire the problem still rises. You can have your preferred grimoire and build up your spells around them, it's what I do, but sometime you want to build a more flexible caster without the necessity to focus only on one grimoire.

    The grimoire should support the spells the wizard has learnt, not always being the catalyst.
    You can build a wizard both the ways, but at the current state the incentive is to build...

  • Italian Localization Fix PATCH 1.1.0035

    Molte correzioni alla localizzazione italiana

    Estraete il contenuto nella cartella principale di Pillars of Eternity 2.

     Corretto Spento con Secondaria (traduzione di Off)
     Sostituito Resistenza con Salute (traduzione errata ereditata dal primo PoE)
     Modificata la descrizione di Costituzione
     Sistemato il combat log (adesso si vedono i danni e i tiri x colpire), grazie a  Krudar per la segnalazione.
     Modificato 'attacca' con 'attacchi'
     Corrette alcune sintassi errate
     Sostituito 'Insanguinato' con 'Sanguinante'
     Corretta la descrizione dei Deiformi del Fuoco
     Sostituito 'Salire Livello' con 'Ridimensionamento Livello' (schermata Nuova partita)
     Sostituito 'Sveglia' con 'Allarme Sonoro'

  • Poetry and junk

    The flirt pack now includes poetry in, uh, Eld Aedyran and ancient Vailian. Translations are included as pop-ups in the game, but I'm also including them here, along with the original text, for your reading pleasure. Links at the end if you're interested in my sources!

    Ful oft wit beotedan         Very often we two vowed
    þæt unc ne gedælde nemne deað ana,      that we would not be parted except by death alone,
    owiht elles.            nothing else.

    Wa bið þam þe sceal            Grief it is for the...

  • Italian Translation Guide by kilay

    Italian Translation Guide
    by kilay

    Three different terms has been translated with one meaning in my language , the issue is that those terms are totally different and belong to different branches of the game mechanics

    Wounds,InjuryInjuries, Hurt, Wounded

    translated to

    FeritaFerite,FeritoFerite, Ferito,Ferito (maybe buy a synonymous dictionary is a better idea then translate)

    Imagine the confusion about Death and Monk
    so play or understand how to play a Monk is pretty impossible with this localization

    I suggest to apply these changes

    Wounds --> FeritaFerite
    InjuryInjuries --> MenomazioneMenomazioni
    Hurt --> Danneggiatoi or Lesionatoi

    Similar issue with Knoc...

  • Ukaizo

    To see the new endgame content, be sure and flirt with Rekke while at Ukaizo and, once the storms are turned off, ask him if he wants to go home....

  • Documentation: How to mod using stringtables

    1. Introduction:
    This is a short guide on how you could go about making your own translation of this mod. Hopefully you'll find this guide useful either way as it covers some basic modding know-how for Pillars of Eternity.

    Files you will be editing:
    Directory: /%GAME DIRECTORY%/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/exported/localized/%YOUR LANGUAGE%/text/game/


    Don't forget to make backups of the originals

    Programs and websites you will be using:

    A good text editor (i.e. Notepad++, Sublime Text 3 or Atom)
    RegEx101 (to test out your RegEx commands)

    2. How to translate this mod in...

  • FAQ for Naked and Strong Mod


    How naked does this make my party?
    All the way naked, but you retain control over hat and cape visibility using the toggles at the top of inventory paperdoll as normal.

    Do I have to be naked all the time now?
    You can wear pretty much any normal townsperson clothes and you'll blend in with the townies just fine. It's mostly all the armors that have been changed.

    Will I lose my armor's stats?
    You will retain all armor stats, only the appearance has changed....

  • Spoilers - to the EXTREME

    Here is a list of the modified conversations and events in the EXTREME!!1 version of the mod. If you'd rather discover the changes for yourself, read no further!

    - Talking with the Pallid Knight in the prologue
    - Waking up on the ship, if Edér is present
    - Aloth's reaction after your first talk with Eothas via adra pillar, at the digsite
    - Talking with the gods after leaving Port Maje
    - The conversation with Ymir in the Wild Mare
    - Talking with the steward (not owner) in the Luminous Bathhouse
    - Being hit on by the old man in the Bathhouse
    - Meeting Rymrgand in his cozy place in the Beyond
    - Talking to the innocent victim in Woedica's pyramid
    - Conversations while investigating Bekarna's observatory
    - Your first enco...

  • Assistance Needed - The Great Sound File Purge

    Hi, there!

    While I have spent a long, long time listening to various game files to determine where the pesky voice is, there is a chance that one or two remain. If you are aware of any that still remain, please comment here with what she said, who she said it to, and where the interaction took place. Thanks!

    We're currently looking for one file in particular: the dreaded "You must gather your party before venturing forth" sound file. There is a file in narrator/ called "gather_your_party_0001.wem" which, by all reasoning, should be that file - but it isn't! You can silence it, delete it, replace it; the sound clip still remains! It must be somewhere!

    If anybody manages to find that one particular file, I would appreciate the knowledge. I'll continue to s...

  • Mod Launch

    After several hours of work, and after analysing 1070+ voice files, the mod is finally ready for launch!

    Please let me know if I have missed anything - where the dialogue is, who it's with, what she's saying are all useful things. I will then hunt the file down and silence her for you :)...