Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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A mod for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire that adds many existing unique/soulbound equipment to various vendors around Neketaka.

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Ado Watcher!

This mod adds many existing unique/soulbound equipment to various vendors around Neketaka.

Items that are easy to get, like Miscreant's Leathers, The Eye of Wael, Lord Darryn's Volge, Saru-Sichr etc. are not included. Likewise anything that can be bought really easily is also not added, basically anything from easily accessible stores like The Treasure Trove, Dark Cupboard, Deck of Many Things etc.

After nearly 1600 hours playing Deadfire (the majority being on upscaled Path of the Damned) I decided that I want some items earlier then it is possible to get in the game for RP reasons or for specific builds. I don't have the console installed or have any interest in entering console commands so I made this mod to give me access to various items early.

All this mod does is add the items to various vendors, it does not have anything to do with the prices those vendors charge. This is something I don't want to change or see any need to change. If you do not have the money for these items, go complete some bounties my cullies!

Supplies! Get your supplies here!

The following items are added to vendors:

Armour: Wanika (Queen's Berth)
Items: Tiabo (Sacred Stair)
Shields: Orlan Peddler (Brass Citadel)
Weapons: Marihi (Periki's Overlook)


Blackened Plate Armor
Casità Samelia's Legacy
Contender's Armor
Crimson Panoply
Deltro's Cage
Desgraza Breastplate
Devil of Caroc Breastplate
Effigy's Husk
Furrante's Breastplate
Gipon Prudensco
Guardian's Plate
Hearth Defender's Scale
High Harbinger's Robes
Honor Guard Breastplate
Kāhako Nihi
Magnera's Chain
Nomad's Brigandine
One Dozen Stood
Patinated Plate
Reckless Brigandine
Robes of the Weyc
Spider Silk Robe
Swift Hunter's Garb
The Changeling's Mantle


Acina's Tricorn
Aegor's Swift Touch
Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak
Baubles of the Fin
Belt of Magran's Chosen
Blackblade's Hood
Blackened Plate Helm
Bone Setter's Torc
Brooch of Inevitable Winter
Cauldron Shard
Chameleon's Touch
Champion's Cape
Champion's Helm
Cipher's Shackle
Claim and Refusal
Cog of Cohh
Contender's Helm
Copperhead's Helm
Corroded Vambraces
Cowl of the Piercing Gaze
Death's Maw
Deltro's Cage Helm
Dragon Pendant
Dreamwalker's Tread
Drunkard's Regret
Elewys' Locket
Engwithan Bracers
Fair Favor
Fenan's Finery
Finality's Claim
Footprints of Ahu Taka
Footsteps of the Beast
Frostfur Mantle
Hakori's Refuge
Halgot's Warmth
Heart-Chime Amulet
Helm of the Falcon
Helm of the White Void
Horns of the Aurochs
Kuaru's Prize
Least Unstable Coil
Mask of the Grotto Deep
Maura's Grasping Belt
Mewnan's Broad Belt
Nemnok's Cloak
Neriscyrlas' Hope
Onepahua's Strength
Pathfinder's Boots
Ragged Cloak
Rakhan Field Boots
Rekvu's Scorched Cloak
Ring of Clenched Muscle
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of the Marksman
Ring of the Solitary Wanderer
Ruata's Walking Cloak
Serpent Crown
Shroud of the Phantasm
Sisyfo's Stone
Soul Void
Strand of Favor
Survivor's Tusks
Tears of Saint Makawo
The Giftbearer's Cloth
The Left Hand of the Obscured
The Maker's Own Power
The Mask of the Weyc
The Maw of Ingimyrk
The Mung Bean's Mouth Organ
The Third Eye
Upright Captain's Belt
Violet Redemption
Vithrack Silk Slippers
Wahaki Tua
Weight of Revelation
Whispers from the Depths
Woedica's Strangling Grasp


Akola's Apex Ward
Bronlar's Phalanx
Cadhu Scalth
Mundane Shell
Nerian's Ward
Shining Bulwark
The Best Defense
The Weyc's Oracular Focus
Wintertide Bulwark


A Whale of a Wand
Aamiina's Legacy
Acolyte's Frostbite
Aldris Blade of Captain Crow
Amira's Wing
Animancer's Energy Blade
Aretezzo's Cane
Azure Blade
Ball and Chain
Beza's Toothed Blade
Blade of the Endless Paths
Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff
Current's Rush
Dire Talon
Eccea's Arcane Blaster
Endre's Flog of Obedience
Engoliero do Espirs
Fire in the Hole
Grave Calling
Griffin's Blade
Hel Beckoning
Kahua Hozi
Kapana Taga
Keeper of the Flame
Keybreaker Scepter
Kitchen Stove
Lance of the Midwood Stag
Last Word
Lover's Embrace
Magistrate's Cudgel
Magran's Favor
Marux Amanth
Mechanical Marvel
Min's Fortune
Mohorā Tanga
Ngati's Tusk
Oathbreaker's End
Resounding Call
Rod of the Deep Hunter
Rust's Poignard
Rännig's Wrath
Saint Omaku's Mercy
Sanguine Great Sword
Scordeo's Edge
Scourge Of Bezzello
Seeker's Fang
Shea's War Staff
Slayer's Claw
Stalker's Patience
Street Sweeper
Tarn's Respite
The Twin Eels
The Weyc's Wand
The Willbreaker
Three Bells Through
Thundercrack Pistol
Wahai Pōraga
Watcher's Blade
Whispers of Yenwood
Whispers of the Endless Paths
Wicked Beast
Xefa's Empirical Explication

For more information and or source files visit the repo for this mod: https://github.com/sketchbuch/deadfire-needful-things