Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Queen's Berth merchants will sell most supplies available in the game (crafting materials, drugs, etc). Alphabetically sorted =)

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(Note: May not function without Beast of Winter and Rum Runner's Pack DLC's)

The basic idea of this mod is to take useful restockable items and make Queen's Berth merchants sell them en masse (typically 50-150 of each). You don't have to crisscross the Deadfire for reagents anymore, you don't even have to traverse Neketaka; you don't have to endure any loading screens at all between these merchants. Oh, and what makes the world scream both ekera and gellarde? Why, alphabetic arrangement I should hope!

Here's what each merchant will sell with the mod installed

Hunter (Hunting & Sundries):
Reagents, basically anything you would normally visit Cuitztli for.
Osa (Osa's Famous Fish): All kinds of raw food, and alcohol. She won't sell anything you can craft (but all the ingredients to craft it yourself) and there are some others excluded (like Hardtack) because you can just go to Zamar (the shipwright) and buy it from his infinite supply.
Rebero (Rebero's Fine Fashion): Gems and jewelry - basically what Una in Serpent's Crown would sell you. Also wardstones.
Cobbler (Cobbler): Luminous Adra Dust, Kith Meat, drugs, unguents, potions. The potions are the same you would find at the Dark Cupboard.
Wanika (Dockside Arms and Armor): Scrolls and tools (prybar, spyglass, etc). The scrolls are the same you would find at the Dark Cupboard.
(I wanted to use Zamar too, but nothing I mod in wants to appear in his inventory)

Here's some reasoning behind these decisions, if you care

First of all, I don't want to cram one merchant's inventory, no matter how suited they are to selling item x. Hunter and Osa have their stores right next to each other so you can think of them as one shop. Combined, creature parts, herbs and meat make sense for them to sell. Alcohol just had to go along.

Rebero sells "fine fashion" so gems and jewelry fit in well.

The cobbler's shop is in a bit of a dark alley so I let him be the shady dealer. Also, who better than a Vailian to sell Luminous Adra Dust? By the way, this IS a restockable item, you just have to find a mill on some random island and hope they have it in stock. Except now our boi Cobbler is providing it.

Wanika and scrolls were an odd couple at first but I had no good match for scrolls and no good match for Wanika. Then I remembered there's a street magician performing next to her shop, so it's actually not such a bad pairing.

Can you add item x to these merchants?

If you can show me another merchant that restocks the item. The point of this mod is convenience. It's here to make sure you don't have to travel and/or wait a lot to purchase a restockable item. I will not add sapphires etc to the gem shop.

Three words of warning

1) The mod will probably conflict with Well Supplied Merchants (they both modify Hunter and Osa), but ideally you shouldn't want to use both anyway. It seems to work fine if you load WSM before WB though.
2) Like I said at the start, the mod may require Beast of Winter and Rum Runner's Pack because it uses some items from these DLC's. I might fiddle with this later if it's a problem.
3) It will take 1-2 days for merchants to restock their inventory, so you won't see any changes immediately after enabling the mod. Some game time needs to pass.