Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Sets recruitable crewmates' ranks to mythic for all positions.

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I was frustrated that the crew couldn't rank up as far as my pc, so I made them overpowered instead. This mod sets all recruitable crewmates' ranks to mythic for all positions.  Initially I set out to remove their job rank limit entirely so they could naturally get to mythic rank, but I couldn't find the responsible variable. (On that note if anyone has figured that out please share.)

I also included a variation that sets all ranks to unskilled instead. The limit is still there so they can only get to master rank, but it doesn't feel as cheat-y and you can customize your crew however you like.

Ranks are set once they are part of your crew, so it works best on a fresh playthrough. If you add this mid game and want to keep your same crew, you can add them again via the AddCrewToRoster command. The newly added crewmate copy will have the appropriate rank. The reverse is true as well if you want to uninstall or just have crewmates at different job ranks.

To install, just place one of the mod files in the override folder.

Please let me know if there are any issues.