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This is a mod for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire that balances the vanilla priest subclasses, making them more thematic and fun to play, whilst maintaining game balance. In addition the mod also adds the missing four priest subclasses - Ondra, Hylea, Abydon and Galawain which are now available to the player character (and custom companions).

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Priest Subclasses Rebalanced

This is a mod for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire that attempts to better represent priest subclasses by making changes to their (automatic) spell lists, whilst staying balanced and thematic. In addition, we also add the remaining four priest subclasses not present in vanilla - namely priests of Ondra, Hylea, Galawain and Abydon.

The mod has been tested in the default RTWP (real-time-with-pause) combat system, and has been balanced to be used together with the Pillars Deadfire Community Patch and Balance Polishing Mod. Feedback on how this mod works with turn-based mode is very welcome. Whilst I am not affiliated with the aforementioned mods, I want to promote them as they're excellent and so I'll link to them here:

Detailed Changes

Our mod's changes are best summarised by the colourful table attached to this mod's images. In that table, we show the modified abilities gained by each subclass at each level. For reference, the vanilla subclass progression can be found here - https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Priest_abilities_(Deadfire). Detailed discussion explaining the reasoning behind these changes can be found on the Obsidian Forums here (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/118647-priests-and-the-deadfire-balance-polishing-mod/).

The abilities are coloured according to which class they originate from.

Several abilities are renamed versions of abilities available to other classes (that have effectively been 'reskinned' to make them thematic for the Priest). We've attached another table to the mod description where we show what these are.

The final change our mod makes is to the PL9 abilities available to priests. In vanilla Deadfire, all priests gain access to the PL9 abilities of all other deities. This was quite strange and unmotivated - particularly since so much of the pantheon are in direct conflict with one another. In this mod, priests gain access to an Incarnate, an automatic (deity specific) spell together with one other PL9 spell from an allied deity. The allied spells are shown in the final attached table.


Thanks to everyone on the Obsidian forums for all the support and brainstorming. Thanks also to NocturnalTrance for letting me use and build on some of the ideas and assets from this mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/159).