Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Change how far you can zoom in and out with the camera.

The Deadfire is a beautiful place, and now you can see even more of it!

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This mod allows you to change the limits for how far you can zoom in and how far you can zoom out on the maps where you run around with your party [1]. By default these limits goes from 0.75 to 1.5 (as far as I can tell these are just coefficients).

0 is the absolute minimum (and at that point you have basically placed the camera right over the ground). The textures will at this zoom level look very blurry, as they were not pre-rendered for this level of detail.

There is not theoretical upper bound, but at around 7 or 8 you cannot zoom out any further on most maps (you can set it higher and try to zoom out all you want, but nothing will happen). Furthermore the camera cannot go out of bounds for the map, so depending on the height/width ratio of the map you will only be able to zoom out so far - for instance there will always be something cut off of Serpent's Crown due to the height of that map.
There is a handy button to restore the defaults (and reset the zoom level to 1).

Now go out there and enjoy the beauty of the Deadfire!

[1]: The overworld map zoom uses an entirely different system that is harder to modify the zoom interval for. I may get around to it, but I am not promising anything.


Deadfire at version

Source code:
Can find all the source code in its GitHub Repository, and it is released under the MIT License.

This is a heavily modified version of a mod made by SonicZentropy - its original source can be found here.