Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Changes figurines to be Once per Rest with unlimited uses. Also increases their summoning range and duration.

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Better Figurines Mod
brought to you by DRE 8472

Makes figurines better and removes charges.

This mod makes the following changes to figurines:

  • Once per Rest with unlimited uses (was once per rest with limited charges)
  • Summoning Range: increased to 15 (was 12).
  • Summoning Duration: increased to 60 seconds (was 30) // or 10 rounds (was 5) if playing turn based mode.

It modifies all figurines found in base game + DLC:

  1. Battered Dog Figurine
  2. Beloved Knight Doll [DLC: Deck of Many Things]
  3. Berath's Throwing Bones [DLC: Deck of Many Things]
  4. Clay Grub Figurine
  5. Corroded Bronze Horn Figurine
  6. Effigy Doll
  7. Ivory Wurm Figurine
  8. Jade Tiger Figurine
  9. Knapped Scoria Figurine
  10. Laughing Imp Cameo
  11. Luminous Adra Cameo
  12. Obsidian Lamp Figurine
  13. Opal Tear CameoSummon
  14. Permafrost Shard [DLC: Beast of Winter]
  15. Twisted Root Doll
  16. Wooden Spider Figurine


  • Designed on game version
  • If you don't have the DLCs, don't worry the extra code will be ignored.


Add BetterFigurines folder to your Override directory.


Remove the BetterFigurines folder from your Override directory or disable in the in-game Mod Manager.