Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

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Extensive addon to Tarlonniel's original Get Rekked mod. New flirts, DLC content, multi-romance support, etc.

Permissions and credits
Required mods: Get Rekked

Recommended mods:
No Narrator Updated (for DLCs & patch 5.0) for immersive scripted interaction scenes.

Also Recommended:
-All 3 DLCs for more (unvoiced & voiced) Rekke content. Especially in SSS (i.e. he will ask for a good luck kiss in exchange for his help at the well scripted interaction scene or during The Champion of the Hunt quest he will state that he is willing to die to protect you from Whehami) & FS (too many!) as the developers have implemented some flirty lines for him.
-DLC #3 - FS will also assume that you and Rekke are intimate. Do not proceed until after you have slept with him.
-Save often. Sometimes other companions, instead of Rekke, will comment on the ambient environment or in dialogue. Saving and reloading allows you to see his potentially miss-able lines. Or download Everyone’s Two Cents. The 6 or 8 person party mod helps to see his reactivity to other companions. Honorable mentions include Eder, Aloth, & Tekehu - base game & Konstanten - SSS DLC. 
-During the Poko Kohara questline, when identifying the idol of Ngati, do not have Xoti do so. This will let the romance play out as Rekke will have reactivity when the confusion hex's headache hits.

-Manual install recommended. User reported issues from Vortex or NMM client.
-Drag & drop into override.
-Make sure that the mods are ticked to green & active under the Mod Manager tab on the in-game menu.
-Just like the original mod, only activate Scripted Interaction Vol 2 when Rekke learns Aedyran.
-Activate shipmate files once flirting is activate as the crew will now comment on you & Rekke’s escapades.

What this mod does:
-70 new flirts in addition to the original ones. Both mine & Tarlonniel's have situational lines to your bedroom. Recommended to address him aboard your ship, but not necessary. For those familiar with our work or already know which lines to click, this may not apply.
-5 cabin proposition scripted events for a Watcher not in a romance with Xoti, Maia, Tekehu, or Aloth. (Non-repeatable, therefore only 1 is used. To see them all, simply reload. Crew member dependent as this file borrows the scripting from shipmate sex proposition for an unromanced Watcher. Unlocks after "He Waits in Fire" quest (post-Ashen Maw) for story-gated romance purposes.
-DLC Support for BOW, SSS, & FS (FS contains Rekke + Tekehu 3some content for a romanced Tekehu. Make sure to do this after "Pirate's Booty" scripted interaction file as the handsome fish will hint at wanting one. I found this pairing fitting as certain game instances will hint at their compatibility - Tekehu recruitment where Rekke blushes, Modwyr’s commentary, Rekke expressing jealousy when the Watcher asks for his opinion on a romanced Tekehu, etc.). Llengrath now recognizes a Rekke romance. Players will have the option to respond in kind, in addition to their vanilla romance (you can romance the other companions & Rekke will not be jealous).
-Multi-romance support (ask him what he thinks about a romanced Tekehu).
-Aloth Romance Extention compatibility for the Alothmancers.
-Romantic content for base game.  
-Romantic content for scripted interactions. Rekke will also speak in Seki for a few scenes (lover, I love you, etc.) Fangmich's Guide to Seki was referenced.
-Romantic content for crew events.
-Romantic content for epilogue slides. Male Watcher only (Female version by Porcelyn can be found on the original mod page).
-Player initiated dialogue/action.
-Crew comments on a Rekke romance.
-Typo fixes.
-Gender neutral lines.
-Romanceable by any gender/race. 
-See screenshots for some examples. 
-Set sail to discover the rest!

Compatibility: Place at the bottom of load order. Make sure this is *after* Aloth Romance Extension (not required) & the original Get Rekked mods. This will also incorporate some of the EXTREME! version of the Aloth romance mod for the base game & scripted interactions - meaning some scenes will have Rekke reactivity to Aloth's comments/actions (~3 scenes & 2 of them are in the screenshots section already). Therefore, despite Tarlonniel's original incompatibility warning, this now does not hold true. **You can now have both Rekke the Deadfire & Aloth Romance EXTREME together**. Yay! This also holds true for DLC #3 files.

Also, if you have any mods, such as the Community Patch - Typos file (which I totally love and need in my game), that modifies the same stringtables my mod or Tarlonniel’s mod does, make sure to load ours last for compatibility. 

Note #1: These are my updated files from the original Get Rekked’s comments section. For those who dl'ed my older files, please delete those & install these instead.

Note #2: Yes, canonically Rekke’s eyes are green as referenced in his recruitment scene. Unfortunately, his portrait & in-game model depict darker eyes. I was curious and found his eyes’ diffuse in UABE & indeed they are darker hazel flecked with pine green. Interestingly, Fassina’s portrait & in-game eyes are dark but her diffuse files show dark red eyes. Just letting the curious know. :)

Mods Shown:
Unique Armor to Clothing
(Menzaggo portrait & outfit changes)
Elle's Male Portrait Pack
Elle's Female Portrait Pack
Aloth Romance Extention
Enhanced Companions Portraits

Tarlonniel for the mod & Porcelyn for the ending slide. This would never have been possible without your prior inspiration & work.<3