Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Phenomenum and MaxQuest

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About this mod

A large collection of tweaks and improvements, based on community feedback; and with balance aspect taken into account.

Permissions and credits
1). What does this mod collection contain?:

Community Patch consists of the following stand-alone modules:
  • Basic
  • Extra
  • Keywords
  • Typos
  • Icons

2). What do these modules do?:

CommunityPatchBasic - includes a lot of suggestions from the Deadfire Polishing Poll - a poll made by players for players, in order to pinpoint the possible balance problems and address them. Basic mod - is a conservative patch, it includes only those suggestions that have twice more votes pro than votes against change. (note: in case of suggestion with multiple options - we were aggregating them)
CommunityPatchExtra - also includes the suggestions from Deadfire Polishing Poll. But only those that didn't make it into Basic package, but still have more votes pro than votes against. Additionally, Extra includes a few fixes for several bug reports that we have found on the official technical forums.

CommunityPatchKeywords - address the randomness and apparent lack of systematic approach to spell keywords. This mainly affects priest, and to a lesser degree druids, ciphers and wizards.

CommunityPatchTypos - fixes a wide array of typos found in the English version of the game.

CommunityPatchIcons -  adds a completely unique set of icons for all passive talents and effects. They were handcrafted with being as suggestive, unique and fitting as possible, in mind.

3). Detailed changelog:







3b).What's new in v1.0.1:
  • Extra: Hotfixed the prone duration
  • Icons: Hotfixed subclasses not getting the updated icons
  • General clean-up and version update

3c).What's new in v1.0.2:
  • CP_Basic: Shattered Pillar wounds limit was increased from 5 to 10, for Lesser Wounds talent as well
  • CP_Basic: Rescalled Confounding Blind deflection malus:
  • - vanilla: total malus (with flanked) goes from -3 to -33 (with a -3 step) (BaseValue: -3; ValueAdjustment: -3; MaxTriggerCount: 0)
    - community_patch 1.0.1: total malus (with flanked) goes from -12 to -24 (with a -2 step) (BaseValue: -2; ValueAdjustment: -2; MaxTriggerCount: 11)
    - community_patch 1.0.2: total malus (with flanked) goes from -10 to -30 (with a -2 step) (BaseValue: -8; ValueAdjustment: -2; MaxTriggerCount: 12)

  • CP_Keywords: Concelhaut's Draining Touch (weapon/attack): now has Acid keyword, and the attack can benefit from Spirit of Decay talent

4). Notes:

  • We provide 5 download archives: Basic, Extended, Keywords, Typos and Icons. 
  • The "Extended" archive contains CommunityPatchBasic AND CommunityPatchExtra. 
  • Personally we do recommend downloading: Extended, Keywords, Typos and Icons. But (!) we are providing such granular approach on purpose, such that you are free to mix-and-match.
  • Additionally if you don't like a specific change, you can easily find it in <mod_name>/design/gamedata/, and delete the respective .gamedatabundle
  • Please do make sure that CommunityPatchIcons is being loaded after other mods. This will ensure that some of abilities (existing or added by SpoilsOfCaedNua) get the new icons. Note: you can change the load order from ingame Mod Manager, by using respective arrows, like this: screenshot
  • Arcane Archer's Penetrating Imbue - might require level-up or retrain for existing characters, in order to apply.
  • These modules can be installed at any time (including during already on-going playthoughts). It should not break anything. Additionally, all changes (except Penetration Imbue above) should apply immediately.
  • These modules work with both RTwP and TB modes. EDIT: we have found one change that is not behaving as intended in TB; it is related to the new feature added in v5.0: fixed duration; and affects Wounding Shot and Deep Wounds from Extra module. We are investigating what could be the cause. Meanwhile, if these DoTs don't deal damage except the very-first tick, feel free to delete /design/gamedata/cl.ranger.wounding_shot.gamedatabundle and /design/gamedata/cl.rogue.deep_wounds.gamedatabundle from Extra module.

5). How to Install:
  • Download the mods archive.
  • Open <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/ folder.
  • Find the /override subfolder. If it's missing - create it.
  • The correct file path would be: <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/
  • Extract the archive into your override directory, such that you get <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/CommunityPatchBasic, <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/CommunityPatchExtra, and so on
  • That's it. You can launch the game.

6). How to Update:
  • Delete the CommunityPatch folders from /override folder
  • Proceed as described in the previous "How to Install" paragraph

7). How to Uninstall:
  • Untick the mods in mod menu
  • Exit the game and delete the CommunityPatch folders from /override folder
  • Start the game as normal

8). Credits
  • Phenomenum - for implementing like 60% of the stuff presented here)
  • MaxQuest - for helping with remaining part.
  • Boeroer - for designing and drawing the new icons.
  • AndreaColombo - for coming with idea of addressing the existing typos. And helping along.
  • Boeroer, MaxQuest, Phenomenum, Thelee, AndreaColombo, Ensign, Elric Galad, Verde, Taudis, Wormerine, dukeisaak, Dr. Hieronymous Alloy, Kaylon, MountainTiger, Yougottawanna, Enurale, draego, Waski and all others for providing feedback and coming up with ideas and tweaks.

By players - for players.