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Reintroduces the various PoE1 story related talents like "Scale-Breaker", "Dozens Luck", "Mental Prowess", etc.

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1. Introduction.

This little mod reintroduces the PoE1 story based abilities and talents to the world of Deadfire. You can use them to give your character a bit more history, or just for shits and giggles. This is also a way to get the abilities that you were intended to have, but never got because the import option is borked and only works when it feels like it.

The aim of this mod was to make the abilities as close as possible to their PoE1 counterparts and keep the mod simple and non-intrusive. All the abilities in this mod should work with every other mod out there, because there are no edits to the progressiontables or existing content. 

2. Contents of the mod

I broke the mod down to several parts, because there are quite a few abilities here and not everyone wants everything. And it also makes the mod easier to use and manage.
Here is a quick list of what each pack contains and the few changes that I made.

Deific Boons

Effigy's Resentment
  • Effigy's Resentment: Aloth
  • Effigy's Resentment: Devil of Caroc
  • Effigy's Resentment: Durance
  • Effigy's Resentment: Eder
  • Effigy's Resentment: Grieving Mother
  • Effigy's Resentment: Hiravias
  • Effigy's Resentment: Kana
  • Effigy's Resentment: Maneha
  • Effigy's Resentment: Pallegina
  • Effigy's Resentment: Sagani
  • Effigy's Resentment: Zahua
Faction Talents
General Reward Talents
Watcher Talents

3. Install

  1. Download the ability pack that you want.
  2. Unpack the mod.
  3. Select the desired mod folder and then copy/paste or drag it to the override folder (Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override). If you don't have it then just create a New folder and rename it "override".
  4. That's it, have fun.

IMPORTANT -When you unpack the file you will see two versions of each ability. The "normal" and the "-script" version, you only need one of them.

  • Normal - Has a script that runs once to check if you have the ability and that's it. This version only works after character creation (use it after you have made it to the beach). If you make a new character then disable the mod before that, and then enable it again after.

  • -script - Has a script that keeps checking if you have the ability each time you enter a new scene. This is a fire-and-forget version that always works. Use this if you have problems with the other one, or can't be arsed and just want something that works.

Realistically the -script version has no noticeable impact on performance (and this is what I use myself), but some people really don't like scripts running. So the choice is up to you.

4. FAQ

Q: Does all of it work?
A: It should, I tested all of them. But there are quite a few different parts here. If you find something that is not working or wrong then let me know and I'll try to fix it.

Q: Why do you use Armor Rating instead of Defense Rating, it's not the same thing!
A:  I know, I know, but it is the closest thing we have in Deadfire without completely changing how some of the abilities work.

Q: Why tho?
A: I wanted my god damn Gift from the Machine! And, yes, you can do that with the console, but where is the fun in that?

5. Changelog

2.0 added localisations in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PL and RU
They are directly carried over from PoE1, so they should all be mostly correct. Let me know if anything is out of place.