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This mod makes all racial default colors in character creation re-selectable.

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New Alternate version available:

This version has fewer colors, I eliminated most of the colors that were extremely close together, and some of the more garish and bright colors, going overall for a little bit more muted feel.

This means that unfortunately I could not keep all of the racial default colors, many of them were simply very close to others and I picked a color that rendered slightly richer or more pleasing to my eye.

If I update the file again the update will be to remove the default racial colors that are not there and replace them with values I have available. I will pare down the colors slightly more as there is still some UI clipping in the Ship color selection menu, and I will regroup the colors to make the UI a little more presentable. That's IF I update this file again. Again, if anybody wishes to do this on their own, feel free, If you use this file as a base I'm glad I saved you like 40% of that work.

Many colors were removed from the default selections, namely yellows, greens, pinks and blues. I tried to keep colors that were present on Obsidians portraits very available.


This mod makes all racial default colors in character creation re-selectable.

Many of them would be gone forever if you so much as wanted to see what a different color looked like.

I have addressed every unique color for Clothing, Hair, and Skin. "Why not eyes?" Because there were no default eye colors that are not available in the vanilla menu.


There are two problems however, that are very similar to the Character Creation - More Colors file.

The first problem is that for probably all races besides godlike you will be unable to select eye color during Character Creation.

The reason for this is the UI was not designed to scroll down if the color selection entries needed more real estate than is on the screen.

The Second problem is that when you go to select character color in the inventory or the character page, the entries overflow the UI element.
(This may be fixable if I can somehow find a way to extend the UI element of get it to scale with the color selections. Though no promises, as it looks like I may have to unpack, edit, and repack a .unity3d file, and I do not want to share a file like that.
**** If Anyone knows if UI element scaling values can be found in any .gamedatabundle that aren't related to tutorial video windows then I'd LOVE to hear about them, just send me a PM. ****)


This mod also adds all racial head selections for Aumaua, Dwarf, and Elf at selection, similar to CC - More colors, again, except no heads that don't fit (i.e. Fire godlike heads clipping and being overall busted on nature godlikes).

Aumaua heads seem to only cause a slight retinting affect with female island heads being selected for a coastal aumaua. There is nothing I can do to change that. The different head models seem to only be different skin2, or "tattoo" (as the code defines it) patterns.

For the Elven heads, that tint change is the reason behind adding it. The wood elven heads can still look very pale with a few of the skin tones, but with pink lips instead of there being no color difference on the Pale elf head models.

For the dwarves, There are no apparent tint edits between boreal and mountain dwarfs, but I didn't see any good reason why one group may not have piercings or tattoos, maybe you have an RP reason for looking cross-cultural, knock yourself out.


Q:Why did I not add more colors to skin hair and eye choices?

A:Because I really don't want to clutter up the customization windows, and I don't like them being as cluttered as they had to be for my small edit. Also, I'm fairly happy with the colors allowed for hair and skin tone. They reflect the ranges of the subrace. It was not worth it for me to add colors to be able to make my characters look like cartoon characters like CC - More colors mod allows, and while many people do like that, it's not what I thought the Color selections were missing.

Q:What about Unique Companion Colors?

A:Some of them I believe are included, though not purposefully. I could not find where those values are held in the .gamedatabundle files. If someone knows where those are, I'd be more than willing to add them to this file and make that an optional file if there are enough colors that are sufficiently distinguishable from any colors currently available.

Q:What about X Race Y Subrace Z Gender Color for M selection?

A:There should only be 1 or two missing colors from the menu. They should be from a human subrace if I'm remembering correctly, and the color is missing because the RGB values for the color seemed to be indistinguishably different from the color for the other gender so it was not added.

Q:Which color corresponds to what race/class combination?

A:They are in order of the races and subclasses in the Character creation menu. Top to bottom, subraces included, mens colors first, then womens if different, then next subclass. so it starts [Aumaua, Island, Male, Primary], then [Au, I, M, Secondary], [Au, I, F, Primary], [Au, I, F, Secondary], then on to the race that comes below them, top to bottom for subraces, etc, etc. 


Hope this saves someone else the trouble of trying to get these colors again more than anything, tbh.
If that's you, rock on, and enjoy switching your default pale elf colors around with me.