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Makes changes to the Wizard subclasses: Replaces casting school lock-outs, adds a couple of spells, adds a couple of skills, changes some passives, updates subclass descriptions to current style.

Permissions and credits
New - v1.30 main points
Added a Generalist subclass as an alternative to No Subclass. Works in a similar way but with a small bonus passive and the ability to train Academic Pursuits. Also added Generalist as Aloth's wizard subclass to the default options.
Changed the added Blood Mage passives to be subclass autogrants, having to train them seemed too costly.
Main subclasses (not Generalist), get two custom spells related to their school that they can train in place of the standard versions.

Original Description
With the Blood Mage subclass being added to the game the other Wizard subclasses felt a little underwhelming to me, so this is just a revisit to try and make them a bit more appealing.

Main Changes
Wizard subclasses are no longer locked out of certain schools of magic, they instead get a +25% recovery / initiative penalty to spells not of their specialised school. At PL9 they can select between two passive abilities: one gives all-round bonuses and counters the subclass recovery / initiative penalty, the other doubles down on the subclass specialisation.

PL8 - Spell Casters Accuracy
15% Miss to Graze bonus, and 10% Graze to Hit bonus on spell attacks.

Leads into:

PL9 - Academic Pursuits
+1 to all power levels, +2 intellect, -25% recovery / initiative matching subclass penalties.


PL9 - Subclass Mastery
+3 subclass specialisation power levels, -35% cast time to subclass specialisation spells.

Other Subclass Changes
Free Action changed from dexterity to intellect afflictions, feels more in keeping with the subclass.

Echo chance increased from 15% to 35%.

Physical buffs from Ogre Form increased, and changed to a modal so it can be disabled early if need be. Now only usable once per encounter.

Blood Mage
While the strengths of the Blood Mage inspired the above changes I felt like this class could do with a little something too, it felt a little bare to me due to the Empower ability losses and the big Power Level gains of the other subclasses. With this in mind I added a small passive ability line to improve on the Power Level bonus from Blood Sacrifice:

PL3 - Blood Accuracy
While Blood Sacrifice is active, gain +10 spell accuracy.

PL6 - Blood Fury
Also gain +15% Hit to Crit chance.

PL9 - Grand Occultist
Finally also gain +25% damage dealt back as healing for the duration of the buff, and Power Level bonus is increased to +2.

To try and prevent the skill becoming too powerful the duration no longer scales with character level, keeping the buff line fairly short duration but, I think, a little more interesting. The two other passive abilities added to the Blood Mage are:

PL7 - Sight of Blood
+20% damage against Bloodied attackers.

PL7 - Unnerving Blows
Critical Hits against Bloodied targets apply the Shaken affliction.

Other Ability Changes
Added +10 accuracy onto the penetration buffs. (eg. Heart of the Storm: +1 Penetration with Electricity attacks, +10 Accuracy with Electricity attacks)


Miasma of Dull-Mindedness - To free up room for the added passive abilities it was moved from PL2 to PL3, to account for the change it's now Foe only.

Arcane Assault - I've added the spell from the first grimoire as a trainable PL1 spell.

Arcane Strike - Also added an upgraded version at PL4 that does a little more damage and also applies the Disoriented affliction.

Grimoire Slam - Added a 6 second stun effect to the hit.

Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment - Added an accuracy bonus to make the spell harder to resist, making it a little different from similar spells.

Wall of Force - Hobbled upgraded to Immobilized, making it a much more useful crowd control tool.

Voltaic Fury - Added a single target Evocation spell at PL9, it fires six relatively low damage bolts of electricity at a target but they have high penetration.