Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Adds weapon swapping as a free action for Turn-Based Mode.

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I personally find weapon switching costing an action a little too restrictive, so I've added the Free Action Weapon Switch ability from the Black Jacket subclass onto the PL1 ability Arms Bearer. My idea being to make Arms Bearer a more viable ability pick, while also giving everyone the choice to invest in free action weapon switching if they want it.

Berath's Version
Replaced the Berath's Blessing "Minor Starting Money" with a 1 cost Blessing that adds Free Action Weapon swapping from the beginning. This version is self only but doesn't require you to spend one of your Watchers talent points.

You can use either mod separately, or both at the same time if you want a no-cost free action weapon swap for yourself, and the option of talent based free action weapon swap for companions also.

Black Jackets now gain a -25% bonus to initiative when using a proficient weapon instead as part of their subclass abilities.

The icon for weapon switching still shows it as taking an action, even though it doesn't.
I've opted for these ways of making the change to try and have as minimal impact on other mods as possible.