Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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This mod reverses a number of nerfs from patch 1.1

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Removed the unnerf to Akola's Apex Ward's Blood Rage ability as it was causing it to provide a +1400% (!!) damage bonus.

As most of you likely remember, patch 1.1 brought along a fair deal of nerfs to both items and class abilities.

In time, I've grown accustomed to some of the changes or learned to work around others—and it is true that the game was too easy on release, and nerfs were the easiest, most immediate countermeasure. It is also true that some of the nerfs were absolutely warranted.

On the other hand, I found (and still find to this date) some of those changes to be either completely unnecessary or downright petty. For example, what difference does it make if Baubles of the Fin provide a 3% bonus to damage instead of 5%? Did anybody ever complain about this item's breaking their game in any way? It was barely worth using at 5% and completely useless at 3%.

Enter "Deadfire Unnerfed", in which I undo most of the changes from patch 1.1. The reason why I didn't undo all of them is stated above (some were warranted, others I've grown accustomed to and feel no need to reverse.)

NOTE : When I started this mod I periodically stopped to test the changes I was making, but once I got the hang of it I just went ahead and did it without testing. Once done, I did a cursory check of a few items at random, caught a few issues, and fixed them. However, the mod is presently not thoroughly tested and there might be imprecisions or mistakes. Should you run into any, don't panic and leave a message instead: I will read it and look into it.

Here's a TL; DR version of what I've done:

  • All Changes to durations and Power Level bonuses were left untouched.
  • Changes to Pen/AR bonuses were mostly left untouched (i.e. most were left untouched with a few exceptions.)
  • Most changes to damage bonuses, damage reduction, hit-to-crit, crit-to-hit, and proc chances were reversed.
  • All changes to recovery and attack speed bonuses were reversed.
  • All abilities that went from "per encounter" to "per rest" were reversed, but abilities that remained in the same category and only changed the number of uses were left untouched.

This is the full list of changes (taken from my in-dev notes, which I didn't bother to embellish or rephrase because frankly that'd be a lot of work for a wall of text most people won't read); any items not mentioned were left untouched. Note that the mod comes in three different files, so if you don't like the changes in one of them you may simply delete it from your override folder.


- Second Wind from Athletics back to Instant
- Second Wind from The Undying Burden belt back to Instant


- Swift Strikes / Swift Flurry / Lightning Strikes back to +20% Action Speed
- Wildstrike back to +20% damage
- Greater Wildstrike back to +40% damage
- Bleak Walker corrode damage back to +15%


- Baubles of the Fin (completely reversed)
- Helm of the Falcon (completely reversed)
- Aegor's Swift Touch (completely reversed)
- Magran's Favor -> Living Pyre back to 10% proc / 10% attack speed
- Bone Setter's Torch (completely reversed)
- DoC Breastplate -> Articulated back to 20% recovery
- The Undying Burden (completely reversed)
- Three Bells Through (completely reversed)
- Pukestabber -> Mad Drunk and Mean Drunk reversed
- Kahaua Hozi -> All speed stuff reversed
- Kitchen Stove (completely reversed)
- Dragon's Dowry (completely reversed)
- A Whale of a Wand (completely reversed)
- St. Omaku's Mercy (completely reversed) [GALAWAIN'S HARRY NEEDS STRING FIX]
- Veilpiercer (completely reversed)
- Saru Sichr (proc chance reversed)
- Willbreaker (completely reversed)
- Wicked Beast (all reversed except PL and per rest)
- Street Sweeper (all reversed except duraiton)
- Chromoprismatic Staff (reversed except skill scaling of damage and attack speed)
- The Spine of Thicket Green (completely reversed)
- Eccea's Arcane Blaster (reversed except bounces)
- Scordeo's Trophy (completely reversed)
- Thundercrack Pistol (reversed Charged Field)
- Sungrazer (reversed proc chances)
- Sun & Moon (reversed proc chances)
- Ball and Chain (reversed proc chance)
- Engoliero do Espires (completely reversed)
- Eager Blade (reversed except Bounding Strikes)
- Xoti's Sickle (Urgent Harvest attack speed reversed)
- Amiina's Legacy (completely reversed except durations and per rest)
- Effort (reversed Maiming)
- Whispers of the Endless Paths (reversed Crush proc)
- Kapana Taga (completely reversed)
- Duskfall (reversed Heart Seekeing, Flesh Seeking, Feather Light)
- Griffin's Blade (reversed Hound's Speed)
- Gladiator Sword (completely reversed)
- Watcher's Blade (completely reversed)
- Whispers of Yenwood (completely reversed except Unfaltering)
- Stalker's Patience (proc chances reversed)
- Watershaper's Focus (reversed proc chance and damage proc)
- Rod of the Deep Hunter (completely reversed)
- Amira's Wing (completely reversed except PL)
- Aldris Blade of Captain Crow (completely reversed)
- Squid's Grasp (completely reversed)
- Rannig's Wrath (completely reversed except duration)
- Mohora Tanga (reversed attack speed and damage)
- Tarn's Respite (completely reversed)
- Scordeo's Edge (proc chances reversed)
- Min's Fortune (completely reversed)
- Eye of Wael (completely reversed except PL)
- Keybreaker (completely reversed)
- Mundane Shell (completely reversed)
- Xoti's Lantern (completely reversed)
- Nerian's Ward (completely reversed)
- Lethandria's Devotion (completely reversed except Captivating Crystal)
- Akola's Apex Ward (completely reversed except per rest and duration)
- Gipon Prudensco (Safety at a Distance reversed)
- Cabalist's Gambeson (completely reversed)
- Sharpshooter's Garb (Hit to Crit reversed)
- The Bloody Links (completely reversed)
- Patinated Plate (proc chance reversed)
- Deltro's Cage (completely reversed)
- Iridescent Scale (completely reversed)
- Saint's War Armor (reversed damage resistance)
- Miscreant's Leathers (completely reversed)
- Garari Cuirass (completely reversed except CON resistance)
- Fleshmender (completely reversed)
- Swift Hunter's Garb (completely reversed)
- Pale Hide (completely reversed)
- Reckless Brigandine (reversed Go Not Quietly base, Seeing Red health per tick)
- Nomad's Brigangine (completely reversed)
- Pally's breastplates (completely reversed)
- Casita Samelia's Legacy (completely reversed except skill scaling)
- Furrante's Breastplate (reversed last three)
- Humility (completely reversed)
- Effigy's Husk (reversed except duration)
- Blackblade's Hood (completely reversed)
- Huana Charm Belt (completely reversed)
- Girdle of Mortal Protection (completely reversed)
- Voidward (completely reversed)
- Upright Captain's Belt (completely reversed)
- Ngati's Girdle (completely reversed)
- Kuaru's Prize (completely reversed)
- Gatecrashers (reversed the proc chance)
- Boltcatchers (completely reversed)
- Fair Favor (completely reversed)
- Acina's Tricorn (completely reversed)
- Okura's Kettle (reversed proc chance)
- Thaos's Headdress (completely reversed)
- Serpent's Crown (recovery reversed)
- Copperhead's Helm (completely reversed)
- Footprints of Ahu Taka (completely reversed)
- Boots of the Stone (completely reversed)
- Shorewalker's Sandals (completely reversed)
- Boots of the White (resolve reversed)
- Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak (completely reversed)
- Ruata's Walking Cloak (stride reversed)
- Strand of Favor (completely reversed)
- Heart-Chime Amulet (completely reversed)
- Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone (completely reverted)
- Violet Redemption (completely reversed) [FROM v2.0]


Simply unzip in your override folder.

If you don't have one, create it inside C:\Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data


Please leave a message here with as many details about it as you can. I will look into it as time permits and try to fix it.