Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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This mod makes attack and spell/ability recovery times faster by 1s.

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The first iteration of the Deadfire backer beta had faster attack recovery times. When backers complained that combat was too fast, attack recovery times were made slower by 1s; this change was never reverted after the implementation of the combat speed slider, leaving us with Pillars of Eternal Recovery as a result.

If you, like me, enjoy a faster-paced combat, this is the mod for you.


The mod does two things.

First, it restores attack recovery times as they were in the first backer beta:

  • Very Fast :  from 2s to 1s
  • Fast :  from 3s to 2s
  • Average :  from 4s to 3s
  • Slow :  from 4.5s to 3.5s

This applies to all attacks in the game (except a couple monster attacks that have a special recovery duration), so your enemies will be faster by the same measure as your characters.

However, with this change spellcasting fell behind and felt sometimes a tad too slow—so I went ahead a decreased casting speed by 1s as well:

  • Average :  from 3s to 2s
  • Slow :  from 4.5s to 3.5s
  • Very Slow :  from 6s to 5s

This applies to a number of abilities as well, such as Watcher powers or abilities from Trinkets.

In my opinion, this strikes a good balance between weapon attacks and spells/abilities.

! NEW ! As of v2 firearms' and arbalests' reload times have also been shortened by 1s.

Note that because all these changes affect enemies as well, the mod isn't supposed to make the game any easier or harder—merely snappier.
However, while the overall balance between you and the enemies is roughly unchanged, it is worth noting that:
  • Because damage-dealing actions occur at a faster pace, healing over time effects are less effective as they can heal less before the next attack lands.
  • Because all times have been decreased by a flat 1s, faster attacks/abilities benefit the most (i.e. the DPS increase is greater the faster the attack/ability.)