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A complete rework of the Shiffter including new abilities, new talents & new spells to make the Shifter a true King of Beasts! Best played on Path of the Damned or at least Veteran difficulty. Mods like "Deadly Deadfire" will make your journey even more epic so check them out!

Permissions and credits
This Mod is NOT designed for the turned-based-mode as this new Druid is all about FAST paced shifting and CONSTANT combo potential. So if you want to play fast and furious THIS is your Mod! Maybe a rework will be done in the future. Maybe... ;o))


First i have to thank all who helped to make this Mod possible!
mant2si for giving me lots of new ideas and testing some fights.
GuyNice for writing constructive feedback on all those changes.
Armakoir for getting me through the coding – thanks a lot man!
Lukstoj for finishing the polish translation - awesome work!
Boriger for finishing the russian translation - superb work!
VictorCreed for streaming and doing lots of testing - big thanks!
---> Livestream and Videos of VictorCreed on Twitch

At the moment the Mod is available in the following languages:

- English (by Harpa)
- German (by Harpa)
- Polish (by Lukstoj) ---> OUTDATED!!!
- Russian (by Boriger) ---> OUTDATED!!!

If you want to help with the translation into other languages we would appreciate that very much!


This Mod changes the Shifter into something different. Into something i always hoped for but that was still missing. For me a Shifter is all about using the different animal forms and do some unique stuff with them. This means: He gets lots of new abilities when being shifted. His playstyle is fast paced and his animal forms get stronger and more unique at higher levels. All of this is missing in the vanilla game. Thats painful. Therefore this Mod is a heavy rework of many abilities, spells and talents to make the Shifter more fun and – yes – more powerful. Lets see what this means in detail.

General changes:

The bad thing:

  • The Shifter loses all elemental spells and talents

  • He is also unable to use any scrolls

The good thing:

  • All animal forms deal two forms of damage
  • All animal forms get several active and passive abilities

  • Multiple shifts for each animal form at higher levels
  • Animal abilities are getting refreshed after each shifting
  • New talents and spells to make the Shifter more unique
  • Spiritshift duration now scales with level (+25% per PL)

  • The size of the Animal Forms will grow with each Tier
  • Animals get bonuses when multiclassed with Devoted

Changes to the animal forms:

Bear -> Elder Bear -> Dire Bear:
The Bear is all about raw strength to take down enemies in a fast and brutal fashion.

Active Abilities:
Level 1:Terrifying Roar
Level 4: Crushing Blow
Level 10: Thunderous Blows
Level 16: King of Beasts

Passive Abilities:
Power Level 0: 10% Chance to Interrupt on Hit
Power Level 4: 20% Chance to Interrupt on Hit, Resistance to Might Afflictions
Power Level 8: 30% Chance to Interrupt on Hit, Immunity to Might Afflictions

Boar -> Elder Boar -> Dire Boar:
The Boar is very sturdy thanks to its healing ability but also good for quick engagement.

Active Abilities:
Level 1: Pick up the Scent
Level 4: Boar Gore
Level 10: Charge!
Level 16: Proliferation

Passive Abilities:
Power Level 0: Gets 4 Health per 3 seconds
Power Level 4: Gets 7 Health per 3 seconds, Resistance to Constitution Afflictions
Power Level 8: Gets 10 Health per 3 seconds, Immunity to Constitution Afflictions

Cat -> Elder Cat -> Dire Cat:
The Cat is swift and deadly like an Assassin with lots of damage and disengagement.

Active Abilities:
Level 1: Cat Flurry
Level 4: Camouflage
Level 10: Executioner
Level 16: Peacemaker

Passive Abilities:
Power Level 0: Quick Inspiration
Power Level 4: Nimble Inspiration, Resistance to Dexterity Afflictions
Power Level 8: Swift Inspiration, Immunity to Dexterity Afflictions

Stag -> Elder Stag -> Dire Stag:
The Stag has several defensive and offensive tools making it very flexible in combat.

Active Abilities:
Level 1: Stag Carnage
Level 4: Unstoppable
Level 10: Counterstrike
Level 16: Stag Fury

Passive Abilities:
Power Level 0: Gets +7 all Defenses
Power Level 4: Gets +14 all Defenses, Resistance to Resolve Afflictions
Power Level 8: Gets +21 all Defenses, Immunity to Resolve Afflictions

Wolf -> Elder Wolf -> Dire Wolf:
The Wolf hits hard while also being able to weaken enemies and soak health from them.

Active Abilities:
Level 1: Knockdown
Level 4: Taste of the Hunt
Level 10: Hunter´s Mark
Level 16: Skull Bash

Passive Abilities:
Power Level 0: Heals for 10% of damage dealt
Power Level 4: Heals for 20% of damage dealt, Resistance to Perception Afflictions
Power Level 8: Heals for 30% of damage dealt, Immunity to Perception Afflictions

New talents:

Savage Mind (PL 0):
As a Master of taming its Inner Beast the Shifter heavily relies on his Intuition rather then Intellect or Self Learning by reading. Therefore he is unable to use any Scrolls and has a limited spell selection.

Rabid (PL 0):
Whenever the Shifter is damaged his attack speed and movement speed increases (stacks up to 10 times).

Encumbrance (PL 0):
The Shifter´s abilities come at a steep cost: While he is an expert in the use of Spiritshifting and has excellent mobility, any armor heavier than light will hinder his movement and ability to transform.

Bane of the Spiritshifter (PL 0):
Shifters wholeheartedly devote to the spiritual connection with their Inner Beast which enables them to gain unique spiritual powers when transforming. The bad thing is that they start losing control of their physical structure so they take more damage, lose maximum health and all incoming healing is reduced.

Assimilation (PL 1):
Heals the Shifter each time he lands a killing blow

Reactive Hide (PL 1):
Whenever the Shifter drops below 50% health his hide will instantly get thicker absorbing 20% of all incoming damage.

Beast Slayer (PL 3):
+15 Accuracy against Beasts (scales with Character level)

Tranquility (PL 3):
Whenever the Shifter gets critically hit his or her mind clears for a brief moment relieving the body from hostile effects.

Hunter´s Mercy (PL 3):
Fueling all strikes with the raw power of their animalistic spirit the Shifter is able to turn some Hits into Critical Hits.

Natural Selection (PL 3):
Bringing a swift end to weakened prey the Shifter will deal 30% more damage against badly injured enemies.

Primordial Hunter (PL 4):

+15 Accuracy against Primordials (scales with Character level).

Lightning Reflexes (PL 4):
Gives the Shifter a chance to avoid melee or ranged attacks (scales with level).

Bleed (PL 4):
20% of autoattack damage is dealt as raw damage over time (scales with Character level).

Hunter´s Instinct (PL 5):
+25% of hits are converted into crits against Beasts and Primordials.

Overpower (PL 5):
Apply "Dazed" for 6 seconds when landing a critical hit.

Nature´s Decay (PL 5):
Calls upon the dreadful strength of fallen spirits, granting an aura that will sicken anyone who is engaged by the Shifter.

Primal Focus (PL 6):
+1 Penetration, +4 Accuracy & +15% damage with melee attacks/ spells.

Endure Elements (PL 7):
+3 Armor Rating
against all elemental attacks

Ectoplasmic Eruption (PL 8):
Deal AoE damage and interrupts whenever the Shifter gets critically hit

Morphic Reach (PL 8):
The Shifter can stretch his or her limbs doubling the reach of melee attacks with all spirit forms.

Alpha Predator (PL 9):
+2 Power Level when being shifted.

Spiritsucker (PL 9):
By absorbing spiritual fragments of slain enemies the Druid gets a chance to remember random spells.

New spells:

Embrace the Beast (PL 0):
Once per Combat the Shifter can call upon his Inner Beast to boost him with supernatural power. This link grows with every character level increasing the bonus to Might, Constitution and Will as well as Armor. Not to forget: While frenzied the Shifter will contantly suffer raw damage.

Reflexion (PL 1):
The Shifter uses its primal magic to create a duplicate about 2 feet away from its true location. This grants him a 50% chance to avoid all attacks until he or she is successfully Hit.

Crush (PL 1):
Drawing upon his spiritual power, the Shifter jumps high into the air and cushes down upon all foes, knocking them Prone while also lowering their Deflection.

Chameleon Cloak (PL 2):
The Shifter uses his innate stealth ability and conceals himself actively.

Faerie Fire (PL 2):
The Shifter summons sparkling spirit lights that will blind and confuse all creatures that are foolish enough to enter the area.

Cloak of Fear (PL 3):
This spell empowers the Shifter to radiate a spiritual aura of fear. All melee attackers must save vs Will or they get Terrified.

Eagle Eye (PL 3):
The Shifter manifests the aspect of the Eagle to sharpen his eyes and increase Accuracy for a short time.

Spiritshift Shark (PL 3):
Draws upon the druid's natural connection to the shark, temporarily allowing them to assume that form. The shark spiritshift has immunity to Dexterity Afflictions. Like sharks with blood in the water, the Shifter decreases his recovery time by 2% each time he hits an enemy. This effect stacks 10 times and will last until combat ends.

Primal Roar (PL 4):
The Druid let out a ferocious roar that will damage and stun enemies in a cone.

Slay Vermin (PL 4):
Using his innate knowledge about savage creatues the Shifter increases his Damage against enemies of the Beast type.

Stoneskin (PL 4):
This spell covers the Shifter with a protecting layer of stone increasing his Armor Rating by +4 for up to fourteen hits.

Adaptive Shell (PL 5):
Grants a evolving shield that will absorb 5x Character Level of damage.

Nature´s Prophet (PL 5):
The Shifter throws a seed to the ground that will grow around his body transforming him into the Prophet of Nature. This spellcasting creature can deal large amounts of AoE damage while also debuffing his enemies.

Eternal Hunger (PL 5):
The Druid consumes life essence whenever dealing damage. The more damage, the more he is healed!

Extinction (PL 6):
Deals heavy raw damage and turns a single target into stone.

Spirit Mirror (PL 6):
This spell causes a localized manifestation of spiritual energy which takes the form of an invisible disk that protects the caster. Any missile weapon that intersects this disk is instantly reversed back to the attacker.

Shield of the Archons (PL 6):
This powerful spells creates a shield that absorbs up to 30 levels of all incoming spells.

Feral Impulse (PL 7):
The Shifter uses his animalistic symbiosis to create an instant impulse of energy damaging all enemies around while also stunning them for a short time.

Nature´s Beatuy (PL 7):
This spell allows the Shifter to appear as the very ideal of beauty. All hapless viewers longing for the denied illusion are instantly smitten with blindness.

Forest Lurker (PL 7):
Draws upon the druid's natural connection to the Lurker, temporarily allowing them to assume that form. The Lurker is a sturdy fighter that can rapidly heal wounds and call for help from the wilderness. His melee attacks not only bounce three times they also root enemies in place.

Impalement (PL 8):
The Shifter conjures damaging spikes from the ground underneath a target, causing enemies to become Immobilized.

Ectoplasmic Web (PL 8):
Using his or her spiritual powers the Shifter creates a web of pure ectoplasm that will freeze the will of enemies and paralyze them until the mental prison breaks.

Regeneration (PL 8):
The Shifter uses the spiritual connection to Trolls infusing him with rejuvinating powers that will automtically heal nonlethal damage until combat ends.

Primal Beast (PL 9):
For a short time the Shifter transforms into a fearsome Dragon who crushes all opponents with ease.

Creeping Doom (PL 9):
The Druid calls forth a horde of venomous, biting and stinging arachnids, insects, and myriapods. Those trapped by the insects suffer Raw damage each second and are frightened.

Harm (PL 9):
This destructive spell deals massive damage over time turning by reducing maximum health each second.

How to install the Mod

  1. Go to your Pillars of Eternity 2 game folder (example: C:\Games\Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire)
  2. Enter the PillarsOfEternityII_Data folder
  3. Now enter the "override" folder. If it does not exist, make a folder called "override".
  4. Extract the rar file in the override folder. Make sure the extracted mod is in
  5. it's own directory when done (example: C:\Games\Pillars of Eternity II
    Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\Override\True Spiritshifting).

Have fun! :o)