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Adds missing keywords to abilities. Adds Power Level bonuses to items.

Permissions and credits
Adds Keywords to Cipher Spells:
Adds "Acid" Keyword to "Antipathetic Field"
Adds "Fire" Keyword to "Soul Ignition"
Changes "Illusion" Keyword on "Time Parasite" ability to "Deception"

Added Keywords thanks to this thread:
...And Evil Turned Away from the Sun - Added to "ability"
Iconic Projection - Added to "ability" but not Friendly "attack"
Minoletta's Minor Missiles - Added to "ability" and "attack"
Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon - Added to "ability", "attack", and "attack-status effect"
Concelhaut's Draining Touch - Added to "ability", "attack", and "attack-status effect"
Death Ring - Added to "ability" and "attack-status effect"
Minoletta's Missile Salvo - Added to "ability" and "attack"

Added Keywords by request:
Venombloom - Added to "ability"
Plague of Insects - Added to "ability" and "attack", and "attack-status effect"

Keyword Substitutions:
The Cave Provided Shelter through the Storm - Substituded "Enchanting" with "Storm"
"Blightheart", ability "Blighted Shot" - Substituted "Decay" with "Acid"

Modifies Items:
"Eye of Wael", item mod "The Hundred Visions" now also grants +2 Deception Power Level
"Whitewitch Mask", item mod "Fearful Geometries" now also grants +1 Deception Power Level

How to Install
From Nexus: Copy "\FG_MissingKeywords" folder to "\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override" folder.
From Steam Workshop: Subscribe

Incompatible with other mods that modify the same abilities and item mods.

Strings Used: None

Version History:
v1.0 - Initial. Adds Keywords.
v1.1 - Renamed mod to Missing Keywords. Added keywords thanks to thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105959-master-thread-of-keyword-inconsistencies/
v1.2 - Added "Toxic Strike", "The Cave Provided Shelter through the Storm", "Blighted Shot", Removed keywords added in patch 3.1.
v1.3 - Added "Venombloom" and "Plague of Insects".
v1.3.1 - Bugfixing. The mod should work now.