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Small ability tweaks. Gunner and Marksman for everyone. Bigger Compartments for everyone.

Permissions and credits

New General Abilities:
Big Compartments (for non-Rogue/Wizard classes)
Power Level: 4
Provides 2 Quick Item Slots.
Is mutually exclusive with Rogue's "Deep Pockets" and the Wizard's "Book Bag"
Rapid Exchange (for non-Fighter classes)
Power Level: 6
-1 sec Weapon Switch recovery cooldown
Modified existing General abilities:
Grants existing "Gunner" and "Marksman" ability for all classes
Grants "Monastic Unarmed Training" to Chanter, Druid, Paladin, and Wizard

New Cipher abilities:
Voice of the Soul
Power Level 4
+1 Echo Power Level
Face of Deceit
Power Level 4
+1 Deception Power Level
Eye to Destruction
Power Level 4
+1 Shred Power Level
Modified existing Cipher abilities:
"Defensive Mindweb" breaks On Critical Hit instead of On Damage

Modified existing Fighter abilities:
Changed string for "Quick Switch" to make clear it's class exclusive

Modified existing Monk abilities:
Changed string for "Graceful Retreat" to make clear it's class exclusive
Moved "Graceful Retreat" and "Long Stride" to PL 1 for Monk

Modified existing Paladin abilities:
"Wrath of the Five Suns" Penetration now scales with Power Level +0.5

New Wizard abilities:
Book Bag 
Power Level 3
Grants +1 Quick Item Slot. -0.5 sec Grimoire Cooldown
Is exclusive with Rogue's "Deep Pockets" and "Big Compartments"
Better Book Bag (Upgrades Book Bag)
Power Level 4
Grants +2 Quick Item Slots. -1 sec Grimoire Cooldown. 
Is exclusive with Rogue's "Deep Pockets" and "Big Compartments"

How to Install
From Nexus: Copy "\FG_AbilityTweaks" folder to "\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override" folder.
From Steam Workshop: Subscribe

Incompatible with other mods that modify the Monk class progression table.
Incompatible with other mods that modify the Rogue class progression table.
Incompatible with other mods that modify Gunner and Marksman

Uses the following strings:
abilities.stringtable - 76100000 - 76112003

Version History:
v1.0 - Initial. "Gunner" and "Marksman" availability. New "Big Compartments" ability.
v1.1 - "Monastic Unarmed Training" availability. New "Rapid Exchange", "Book Bag", and "Bigger Book Bag" abilities. "Defensive Mindweb", "Quick Switch", and "Graceful Retreat" changes. Removed "Big Compartments" from Wizard.
v1.2 - Adds new Cipher abilities. Modifies "Wrath of the Five Suns". Did some back-end reorganizing. Updated to Patch 3.1
v1.2.1 - Accidentally left some things in. Removed.
v1.3 - Updated to Patch 4.0. Modified "Hunter's Claw" tree to have maximum effectiveness in half the stacks. Modified "Flesh Communion" to cause "Frightened" in an AoE.
1.4 - Updated to Patch 4.1. Removed "Flesh Communion" modification.
1.4.1 - String reference fixing.
1.4.2 - Fixing Rogue and Paladin tables.