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One of the producers on our project 3D modeled a sword in his free time. He wanted to include it in to the game, but unfortunately we never attached it to a sword. The visual data is still in the shipped game, so this mod simply creates a new item with them attached. I also created some item mods to help the user feel the power of a producer =)

Permissions and credits
Alec Frey, producer on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, created a great looking 2 handed sword in Zbrush while working on the project. He wanted to include it in the game, but we ended up shipping with the visual data in the game not hooked up to any items. I wanted to make his dream come true by adding it to an item. I also took the liberty of adding some producer-themed item mods to it that make it fun to use (but also laughably over powered and ridiculous).

Gamedata name (for use with the giveitem command): Great_Sword_U_Alec_Frey

Item mods:
  • Cut Content - Removes content from the game when hit by the sword
  • Crunch Time - Removes recovery time from target ally for 10 seconds, then kills them

The mod _should_ work with all versions of the game, however I've only checked 2.0+, so if you're having problems getting it to work try jumping over to the beta branch (or waiting until the release of 2.0) =)

If you want to see it in action, check out the stream vod here.