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Adds craft-able and upgrade-able thrown weapons into the game.

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We all have that one character we've always wanted to play, always wanted to represent in a non-PnP rpg. For me, that character is a cloaked roguish-type that quickly switches between two-handed swords and dual wielding... and opportunistically throwing knives. And with Deadfire, because of its modding capabilities, I'm finally able to play this character. And by "play" I, of course, mean "tweaking code and watching Deadfire loading screens".

This mod introduces throwing knives, kunai, shuriken, harpoons, bolas, grappling hooks, and boarding axes as per encounter thrown "weapons." Also adds Kunai and Daggers as proper handheld thrown weaponry.

Trinket or Waist- Throwing Kits occupy the Trinket/Grimoire slot or the Waist slot, and NOT a weapon slot.

Craftable- Throwing Kits use the crafting system and are NOT located on any store or loot drop lists. Despite being "uniques", you can have more than one Shuriken kit (for example) in your inventory.

Multiple Weapons- Throwing Kits consist of a Primary and single Secondary weapon chosen through the crafting system.

Partial Weapons- Thrown weapons take on some weapon characteristics. Thrown weapons DO function with Backstab and Sneak Attack and with Poisons. However, they function as their own abilities so cannot be used with other abilities (eg, Wounding Shot) and they do not have an auto-attack function.

Upgradable- Primary and Secondary weapons usage begins with 2 per Enc and 2 per Rest, respectively, but can be upgraded to 4 per Enc and 2 per Enc. Kits can also be upgraded with either increased base damage (based upon a char's Athletics skill) or increased accuracy (based upon Sleight of Hand).

Leveling- The effectiveness of thrown weapons increases as a character levels and they do receive appropriate bonuses from Attributes and buffs.

Empowered- Currently, thrown weapons can be empowered.

Known Issues
Icons- I apologize for the big red and white X, but we will be able to add small icons with the v2.0 update.
Accuracy Upgrade- It functions, but it doesn't display in the tooltip the same way that the damage upgrade does.
Distracted- is not receiving a level boost like the other status effects.

Place the "Thrown Weaponry Kits" folder into your \PillarsofEternityII_Data\override folder.

Thrown Weaponry Kits will apply to your current playthrough; no need to start a new one.

To Uninstall, make sure that all Kits are no longer equipped from your characters, create a new save, exit the game, and delete the "Thrown Weaponry Kits" folder. Kits that are located in your inventory seem to just disappear but equipped Kits cause issues.