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While the Beckoner Subclass indeed can summon twice the original number of creatures the penalties for doing so are too severe in my humble opinion. My mod does the following changes: The 1+ Added Phrase Summon Invocations cost is now removed. All summons now have normal Size, Health and Duration

Permissions and credits
My mod does the following changes to the Beckoner Subclass:

  • The 1+ Phrase Summon Invocations cost is now removed
  • Regular size Summons
  • Regular Health on Summons
  • Regular Duration on Summons" (*)

As reference, here is the "Vanilla" Beckoner Subclass penalties:
  • Summon Invocations cost 1+ Phrase more
  • Smaller Summons
  • Reduced Health on Summons
  • Reduced Duration on Summons

How to install
  1. Go to your Pillars of Eternity 2 game folder (example: D:\Games\Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire)
  2. Enter the PillarsOfEternityII_Data folder
  3. Now enter the "override" folder. If it does not exist, make a folder called "override".
  4. Extract the rar file in the override folder. Make sure the extracted mod is in it's own directory when done.

Chris Avellone Talks About Departure From Obsidian Entertainment:

(*) Big thanks go to Solinari33 for helping me find the file/location with the relevant data!