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This mods adds the Priest of Abydon, a custom priest subclass that focuses on defence, earth element abilities and the legendary weapons of Durgan's Battery.

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The Priest of Abydon Custom Subclass:

The Priest of Abydon focuses on defense and uses a variety of transmutation and earth like abilities.

Description: God of golems, machines, industry, strength, hope, and aspiration. Favored most commonly upon the laboring class. "The Golem" is thought to have once been able to take a human-resembling form as most of the other gods are, but then been somehow killed, only to forge himself back into existence inside the shell of an immense golem. Various accounts of his death exist, and none is considered definitive.

(Favored dispositions: honest and stoic, disfavored dispositions: deceptive and clever)

The priest gains spells that correspond to Abydon when they reach a new power level.

Spells and Abilities gained:
  1. Flames of the White Forge: Adds burn damage to attack, identical to Flames of Devotion skill, but with white flames fx
  2. Blade of the White Forge: Summons a white simmering blade made of Durgan steel. Scales similarly to spiritual weapon and has the effect "Quickness", which reduces recovery time of attacks. (similar to the "Last Blade of the White Forge" from POEI)
  3. Twin stones: the hammer of Abydon could send shockwaves across the earth
  4. Ironskin: known as the god of constructs, Abydon rebuilt himself into a being made of metal
  5. Calling the World's Maw
  6. Embrace the Earth's Tallon
  7. Rusted Armor: Corrode poorly forged armor
  8. Unbreakable: Rebuild yourself as Abydon once did (Passive)
  9. Artifacts of the Pargrunen: Fabricate weapons and a breastplate out of thin air (similar to "Citzal's Enchanted Armory"), Incarnate/ Weapons of the white forge: Expend a substatial amount of energy to summon many weapons of the Pargrunen, applies similar debuff to incarnate (-5 power levels for ~30secs), spell is similar to "They Did Sing a Song of Carnage, Fair"
The way the game handles the Progression Tables for subclasses it makes it so that it is incapable of handling multiple mods that add in new subclasses to an existing class. Any mod that adds a new priest subclass, except Priest of Hylea, which I specifically edited to be compatible with this mod, will be incompatible. That being said, all mods of this type have this effect. If you have another mod that adds in a new priest subclass, except mods that add in subclasses that already existed in the game like All Classes Unlocked, you can disable it in the mod menu and my mods should work as intended. My mods should be compatible with any mods that adds a subclass into a class other than priest. 
Thanks for all the downloads and upvotes and I hope you are having fun as a Priest of your favorite deity in the Deadfire. :)

Italian Translation creditted to the wonderful kilay.
(Check out kilay's mods here:
If you intend to use the Italian localization, use this necessary mod:

French Translation creditted to the wonderful PrincessUnicorn

Mod has been included in my More Priest Subclasses Package:
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