Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Few minor buffs to some underpowered Paladin abilities to make them more pleasing and meaningful and also nerfing the ridiculous Sacred Immolation self damage to make usable finally. I tried to do it as if I was a devloper- balanced changes, nothing OP here.

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New Version. Change  Log v1.1

Comment: Afterfeedback (thanks for that!) I decided to update new version (older will still be available) that decrease slightly some changes below as they provided to be stronger than I thought.

Flames of Devotion and Eternal Devotion- base damage back to 25%

Zealous Aura- Aura of Endurance and Exalted Endurance - Armor bonus is now +2, instead of +3 and healing is 3 HP per 3.0 sec instead of 6.0 HP per 3.0 sec so back to default (you can still get older version below)

Rest of the changes below stay for now as it seems to work well.

Change Log Unofficial Paladin Patch v1.0:

1. Flames of Devotion- damage increased from 25% to 30%.

Comment: I think damage nerf from beta to live was little too much, considering this is single target damage and relies on enemies not being resistant or immune for Burn damage. This should make it stronger at lower levels while not changing much at higher levels of gameplay.

2. Eternal Devotion (Upgrade to Flames of Devotion)- same change as above to keep it consistan. Burn lash damage increased from 10% to 20%.

Comment: This is to make Eternal Devotion adding some meaningful damage to your basic attacks. 10% even at high level (when you hit like 80 damage per normal attack) was a joke lash. Now it will add some good damage lash to your attacks. Not in territory  of Monk Burning Wheel, but enough to feel like it makes a difference.

3. Zealous Auras:

- Focus Aura: Accuracy bonus increased from +5 to +10.

- Charge Aura: Stride increased from 25% to 35%. +12 Defense on Disengegment increased to +20.

- Endurance Aura: Armor bonus increased from +1 to +3.

Comment: Base Auras were very underwhelming, considering game gives you very fast enchanted items that give you a lot of +10 to +20 accuracy bonuses. +5 on Focus felt like nothing really. +10 is more noticable and can make a difference. Charge Aura was generally weakest, however now it gives more speed on battle and greater defense on disengegment, making it good at rushing crucial target or enemy backline or to fall back. Endurance Aura +1 Armor was totally not worth (especially on higher levels). However +3 Armor gives a very good boost, considering that "Legendary" enchant on armors give +4. I hope those changes will make players to switch between them more often.

- Exalted Focus: 5% Hits convert to Crits changed to 10% Hits convert to Crits.

- Exatled Charge: 10% of Hits convert to Grazes changed to 15% Hits convert to Grazes.

- Exalted Endurance: 3 HP healing per 3 sec increased to 6 HP per 3 sec.

Comment: Simillar to base Auras, I wanted to give players a reason to pick upgrades to them. 10% Hits to Crits (Plus later Lucky Shot) is respectable and gives Paladin that crucial damage boost chance for him and his allies. 15% Hits Convert to Grazes will give little more defense in melee combat and disengage and 6 HP healing instead of 3 sound more like Level IV upgrade. Now when you switch between upgraded Auras you should feel I hope that you give up something decent for something decent instead.

4. Greater Lay Down Hands: Robust Inspiration base duration increased from 8 seconds to 15 seconds.

Comment: while Robust gives nice boost and little bit healing, the 8 sec base duration was little too low for low-mid level Paladins. This should make it more noticable in combat.

5. Sacred Immolation: Self Raw damage decreased from 43 per 3.0 seconds (lol!) to 15 Raw damage per 3.0 seconds. Aoe Damage increased from 20-30 to 25-35

Comment: there are a lot more powerful AOE spells in game than that and I understand that devs wanted some downside of pulse AOE damage, however 43 damage was waaay too high for how little damage it offered. Therefore I decreased self damage to 15 Raw and increase a little AOE damage to offset that this is I think the only offensive spell in game where you damage yourself. Please let me know how those changes feel (especially in you empower it) and I will make further tweaks if necessary.

That is all for unofficial Paladin Patch v1.0

Hope you will enjoy.


To Install- drop filed into Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata

MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE YOU DO IT!! Just in case something goes wrong.

To Uninstall- remove files or replace them with original ones. Or remove them and verify installation files using Steam or GOG.